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How do you educate Soroptimists in a fun way?

Screen shot of Soroptimists enjoying a quiz night via Zoom
Quizical Soroptimists June 2020

By running a quiz on Zoom!

The quiz was certainly a  fun way to test of our knowledge.   We had the advantage of being sent the two quiz picture rounds in advance so had time to think about them.   And educate ourselves on rabbits and App icons before tackling the questions.

So how many cartoon Rabbits can you name?

There are more cartoon rabbits than you think!   In fact there were 20 rabbits (although some were hares) on the first picture round of our Club quiz this month.   It helped if you had read to younger people, or had a long memory for adverts from the 80’s.   Do you remember the ‘Caramel Bunny’  at Easter or the Duracell adverts at Christmas?   There were of course such classic favourites as Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Dillon and Thumper

The second picture round on App icons which also caused much head scratching.   Again it helped if you had were in contact with the Millennials and ‘spoke’ their language.   We all managed some icons such as Zoom and Facetime that we might not have been so familiar with before Lockdown.   One member thought the icon for Tinder was actually for a Firewall protection against computer  viruses!

What were the other rounds?

Of course, being a Soroptimist quiz,  there were plenty of questions about women in the four rounds via Zoom.   We had women in Arts and Literature and the History, Song and Dance rounds.    Even the rounds on Horses, and Food and Drink managed to include women wherever possible.   Our thanks to a member of our local U3A for supplying us with the questions with a focus on women

What about the missing picture round?

Our brave Quizzical organisers were planning to use a picture round of chocolate bars just showing half of the wrapper.   They discovered that some of the answers were wrong!   Always best to check your sources.   One of them fearlessly offered to volunteer to do some practical research to find the correct answers.   However sense prevailed and she decided that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was not such a good idea.

So how did we do?

I think we all agreed that it was fun thing to do on Zoom.   It’s always good to educate ourselves in an enjoyable way.   Nobody took any notice of the scores which was just as well!    We perhaps missed being in teams and having the chance to giggle / argue over answers.   However as a Club we’ll continue to concentrate on what we can do rather than swell on what’s not possible at the moment.   We’re all looking forward to being able to meet up again in a safe way.

Do you fancy to have a go at our quiz?

If you contact us we’d be happy to let you have a copy

email;  Facebook  Twitter

Other quizzes are of course available!

We’ve been sharing quizzes between Clubs and there’s a great one to do on the Midland Arden Region website.   The emphasis is all about Soroptimists and Lockdown.