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And in other news –

Part of the problem with such a busy Club is that there’s so much news to share!   It’s a good problem to have though.   So, grab a cuppa and sit comfortably for a whistle stop round up of our most recent news.  There’s been much to celebrate

A new member

We are very happy to welcome new member Jan to our Club.   We first met Jan at the pop-up Toilet twinning event in September.   And she’s already contributed with some fabulous ideas for the annual Kenilworth Christmas Tree display at St Nic’s church.    Of course, we’ll be using Town Toilet twinning campaign as our theme.   Quite how we manage to put a Christmas tree ‘on the throne’ remains to be seen!

News from Malawi

‘Our nurse’ Elizabeth has graduated with honours in her B.Sc Nursing and Midwifery.   We’re so proud of all that she’s achieved.   Thanks to Marvelous Marion we were able to send her a congratulatory e-card.    She’s been delighted to show it to friends and family.

By selling books for a £1 at Club meetings, we’ve managed to raise£200 to send to the Christmas Elves in the Blantyre workshop.   They will build wheelchairs and home chairs for children in Blantyre.   This equipment has been developed specially to meet the needs of life in Malawi.   Although not as sleek as their Western counterparts, are life changing for these children and their families.   Our donation will provide 1 wheelchair and 4 home chairs.

News from Lend with Care group

This project, previously set up by Gill in her Presidential year, continues to help women around the world.

Good News from a past member

Fran and two girlfriends decided to do the Three Peaks challenge in 24 hours.   As you do in middle age!   Just to add to the challenge, they set up a fund-raising page.   And raised the fabulous amount of over £1700 for the Refuge Wellbeing Fund.

News about Flourish

Thanks to various fund-raising events, we’ve been able to send £1200 to Flourish.  As a consequence, they will be able to run another course to help young women.   And in addition, provide a warm space – such are the times we are living in.

We are really grateful that you are able to fund the course, it will allow us to use our wellbeing hub funds to fund additional warm hub options over the next few months for young people in the community.

News about Business meetings

We’ve had presentations from

  • Rachael Stevens of Safeline. This amazing local charity support everyone affected by sexual violence.   This can include survivors, families and friends and is regardless of gender or orientation.  Shockingly, some of the survivors can be as young as 3 years old.   They go into Primary Schools as it’s already too late by Secondary age 🙁


  • Sam Louden-Cooke.   Not only is she our Town Mayor but is also a Senior Lecturer in international relations & Politics at Gloucester university.   She wasn’t aware of our International Organisation until we nabbed her to launch our Town Toilet Twinning Campaign.   She is now!!!


  • John Boothroyd on behalf or Kenilworth Rotary Club.   They are raising funds with a very imaginative Advent calendar.   You can read about how to win the prizes on offer by clicking on the highlighted wordsabove.