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How did we take tea with strong women?

We pride ourselves on being a group of strong women, as varied as the poems we choose to celebrate International Women’s Day.

This year, we take tea together to celebrate International Women’s Day in true Soroptimist style- with strong tea, strong words and strong appetites for cake. We read poems that celebrate the stoicism, inner beauty and heroism of women – with a strong sprinkling of humour! Our choice of poets range from Stevie Smith to Joyce Grenfell and all agree this one by Nikita Gill speaks up for many women we seek to empower.


Remember what you must do

when they undervalue you,

when they think

your softness is your weakness,

when they treat your kindness

like it is their advantage.


You awaken

every dragon,

every wolf, every monster

that sleeps inside you

and you remind them

what hell looks like

when it wears the skin

of a gentle human.


Strong stuff! The perfect poem for strong women who are all about strengthening other women. And, of course, we celebrate all that we are together, and all that we might become – we raise a glass to that!

Here's to friends...
Here’s to friends…
And fun…
And fizz!
Oh yes – and here’s to falling on the food!