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In Their Shoes

During our 16 Days of Activism, the preparation of one event has shocked and moved us more than any other.

It is at the heart of our campaign to end violence against women and girls and it’s a display of shoes.

Each pair of shoes, tied with orange ribbon, represents one woman killed by a man in the year 2021/22. There are 108 pairs.


Here are six of the women represented.



Zara, Clair and Lauren, Yasmin, Ashley and Ramona are just six of the 108 women killed by men in 2021/22.

You can read their stories here:

We hope, that by raising awareness of this shocking and tragic waste of women’s lives – so common that it rarely makes news – we can all unite to end it.
If you, or someone you know needs support and help, do please check our page here;