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Supporting Ukraine via Moldova

At our February meeting we were able to Zoom our sister organisation in Moldova to hear about their work with Ukrainian refugees passing through and staying in their country. Moldova is a very poor country and many can ill afford extra mouths to feed. Soroptimists in Chisnau have been helping to ferry vulnerable refugees from the Ukrainian border across their country to Romania. They have also visited villages where many refugees are staying with local families. It was clear from talking to them that their most pressing need was for money to buy supplies and petrol. We decided to pool our donations and send them directly to our sister soroptimists so that they can use the funds at ground level to help those who need it most. With some funds from our club and some very generous donations, we managed to send £3000. Our regional group has decided to follow this initiative and send donations to the clubs in Chisnau and Lviv (partners of the Epsom SI group).