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Have you been wondering what happened to our fundraising to help the Ukranian refugees transiting or staying in Moldova earlier this year? The funds we sent helped our sister Soroptimists provide food parcels to local families hosting those who fled. They were also able to provided colourful bean bags for the summer camp held recently for both Ukrainian and Moldovan teenagers.

Our member, Jane, reported on the fun that the teenagers had and how each day the numbers increased as the word spread!

Jane told me that ‘The bean bags are now being used by the children/teenagers in the Community House of Culture for other events that the Mayor and village are organising.  They had nothing there before. We left kettles, mugs, cups, bean bags, art stuff, 2 x computers and they now have the ability to organise regular activities for both Moldavan and Ukrainian children.’

Our funds have enabled a group of teenagers to engage in fun activities which will have fostered greater cooperation between the nationalities. You can see the fun they had in the photos below: