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Helping to promote period dignity in Surrey

Surrey is regarded as a wealthy county but period stigma still exists. SI Surrey Hills has been working with Surrey County Council to deliver their mission: to be the first council to eradicate period stigma.

The campaign makes locations, such as local libraries, the focal point for the donation and collection of period products. It is underpinned with a marketing and awareness drive, with outlets supporting the scheme using stickers similar to the ‘credit cards accepted here’ signs. The scheme is supported by Binti International, a charity which aims to ensure menstrual dignity to girls all around world. Binti has developed an app for donors and recipients to find the location of their nearest supporting outlet.

It is hoped over time the signs, and the scheme, will become commonplace, supporting women and girls across the county. Guildford Borough Council has already signed up to become the first borough council supporter, promoting it across social media and supporting libraries in the region.

To support the Council’s efforts, members of our club visited libraries across the region where the scheme is already operating and compiled a report on aspects of the scheme, such as the ease of locating sanitary products. We submitted our
report to the Council, who were pleased to receive our comments
and suggestions.

If you would like to be involved, you can donate products to your local library or ensure anyone who needs help with the provision of products knows about the scheme and downloads the app.