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Family, Friends & Fun

Members of SI Esperance were happy for the presence of family to witnesses this very special occasion. It is a very family oriented club, with children frequently coming to the meeting venue and having their own fun.

The Redmans ~ Soroptimist Gemma & Rotarian Decoursey

The Rivas family.

The Marchan girls

Four generations of women of the de Castro family; Soroptimist Ursula de Castro, daughter Communications Officer Marilyn de Castro-Lalla, granddaughter Amy Hamilton and great granddaughter Zoe Webster, singer for the evening.

The Hassanali family

Karima Mohammed with fiancée Rodney Pardasie.

President Elect Denyse Ewe with her aunt Gemma Jattansingh (L) and her mother, Lydia Bickram,(R)

Part of the SI Esperance family, Laura Hinkson (L) and Chinara Griffith (R).