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#SoroptimistsThinkOnIt 2 ~ ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’


Esperance Soroptimists say “You are Be-You-ti-ful”

On Tuesday 14th May, Soroptimist International Esperance Club members went to ASJA Girls’ College in Barrackpore where they led a programme focusing on Body Image and Mental Health for International Mental Health Awareness week (May 13th to 19th).  Their “SCARS TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL” programme was dedicated to helping the 200 students of Forms One and Two learn that self-acceptance and self-love cause an increased sense of well-being. This programme is part of their Soroptimist Federation (SIGBI) President’s initiative entitled #SoroptimistsThinkOnIt which has focused on Mental Health for the course of this year. 

Former Soroptimist President, Rabbia Khan explains ‘Who We Are’ to the girls.

President Elect of Soroptimist International Esperance Denyse Ewe explains ‘Why We Are Here.’

Tracy Tuitt spoke of her personal journey towards acceptance of her plus-sized body, the need for self-love, and the lead up to the formation of her #IAM Movement. She advised the girls to “Accept the responsibilities we have to ourselves by making it our duty to remind ourselves we are worthy and capable young women, by standing strong in self worth and not needing external validation, and by treating ourselves well. Why? Simply because we deserve it.” 

Founder of the #IAM Movement, Tracy Tuitt, gives a heart-felt talk to the girls about body positivity.

Dr. Stacey Chamely’s dynamic interactive session with the students was the highlight of the afternoon.  The girls were educated about the importance of accepting themselves and “loving the skin they were in.” Dr. Chamely’s passion resulted in enthusiastic participation in the question and answer portion of the presentation.  She addressed many of the students’ concerns, including self-harm.  She noted that having a beautiful soul is more important than outward beauty.

Dr Stacy Chamely’s dynamism grips the attention of the students.

Dr Chamely spoke about fathers who are present and involved in their children’s lives being “men of worth”, and that they should serve as role models for their daughters’ choice of friends and future husbands. Dr. Stacey, as she told them to call her, encouraged students to always seek help from a trusted adult (parent, teacher, relative, religious leader) whenever faced with problems.

Dr Stacy Chamely conducts a spirited question and answer session and addresses their concerns.

The session ended on a “high note” with the crowd lustily joining in a karaoke version of the song “Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara led by Zoe Webster.  

Zoe Webster leads the enthusiastic singing of ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’, the theme of the afternoon.

The Soroptimists receive an unexpected and eloquent vote of thanks from one of the students.

Projects on the #SoroptimistsThinkOnIt theme are being carried out around our Soroptimist Federation (SIGBI). Soroptimists (L-R) Fadia Muradali-Kumar, Charmaine Lutchmansingh, Denyse Ewe, Ursula de Castro, Patricia Campbell, Rabbia Khan.

The Soroptimist team with the green ribbon for Mental Health, and their theme #SoroptimistsThinkOnIt. (L-R Back row) Denyse Ewe, Patricia Campbell, Rabbia Khan, Tara Pollonais, Charmaine Lutchmansingh, Fadia Muradali-Kumar. (L-R Front row) Ursula de Castro, Zoe Webster (singer, flanked by her great grandmother and grandmother), Marilyn de Castro-Lalla.

A part of the exuberant audience at Barrackpore ASJA Girls’ College.

The students were happy to receive book marks from the Soroptimists with the words of the song as a constant reminder of their self worth.

The girls were given bookmarks with the words of the song Scars to Your Beautiful to remind them to remain body positive.