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Decor, Dining & Dancing

It was an evening full of expectation, hope, confidence and joy.  All members participated in the planning and execution of the event, including table-setting, decorations and centrepieces, the charter cake, and the design and planning of the programme.

The Charter Cake was designed and made by Patricia Campbell.

Table decoration by Patricia Campbell, Programme design by Marilyn Lalla.

Flowers by Ursula de Castro, fabric accents by Debra London.

Rabbia Khan gives a final briefing to the Hotel manager.

Ushers at work ~ Danielle Thomas (L) & Arianne Dhanukdharriesingh (R)

A sumptuous dinner followed the ceremony.

The evening ended with fun, laughter and dancing.

After the touching Charter ceremony, the evening ended with laughter and dancing.

All ages joined in the fun.