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#SoroptimistsThinkOnIt 3~ Yoga and You…Finding Balance

Soroptimists Invite Women to “Find Balance”

Some of the participants of “Yoga and You…Finding Balance.”

On June 8th, Global Wellness Day, and in anticipation of International Yoga Day June 21st, Soroptimist International Esperance Club members invited women to a “Yoga and You…Finding Balance” event held in Palmiste.  As a part of their ongoing 2019 Mental Health project, women participated in an evening of yoga allowing them to experience not only the positive effects yoga has on one’s physical health, but also on one’s mental health.

Soroptimist International Esperance President Cheryl Boodoosingh welcomes the participants.

Yoga helps to relieve stress, improve mood states and increase concentration; all of which are necessary to “find balance” in our busy daily lives. The class was led by yoga instructor, Renee Rampersadsingh, founder of Anugraha Yoga.

Renee Rampersadsingh, founder of Anugraha Yoga, demonstrate a seated asanas position.

The programme is a part of their Soroptimist Federation (SIGBI) president’s initiative entitled #SoroptimistThinkOnIt which has focused on mental health during the course of this year. The Esperance Soroptimists have taken a holistic approach, launching projects to develop the body, the mind and the spirit. The Dansé – A Fitness Event to Boost Your Mood dealt with the body, but the opportunity to consult with a psychologist in the ‘Time to Talk’ Rooms was available. The  ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ session at Barrackpore ASJA College encouraged the girls to develop a positive body image, and encouraged them to seek help when faced with problems.

A bird’s eye view of the class.

The practice of yoga is the perfect synthesis of mind, body and spirit. The ‘Yoga and You…Finding Balance’ evening emphasized self-care, meditation, physical and mental health, all of which are necessary for total wellness in today’s world. It is considered that yoga brings the body, soul and spirit in unison.

Two Esperance Soroptimists in action;(far right) Fund Raising Chairperson Gemma Casimir Redman and (next to her,) President Elect Denyse Ewe.

Fund Raising Chairperson Gemma Casimir Redman expresses gratitude to tutor Renee Rampersadsingh.

The participants left the event refreshed and relaxed and looking forward to more sessions!