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Meet the Members ~ Why am I a Soroptimist?


Rowena Wattley
Rowena Wattley ~ I am Soroptimist as I believe that the only way the world will be more understanding and compassionate is by empowering women and girls through enabling and educational actions and projects.

Irmin McKenzie
Irmin McKenzie (Secretary) ~ I am a Soroptimist  to enable women and girls to see and reach their full potential and to have fun while doing so with an amazing group of women, locally and internationally.

Chinara Griffith
Chinara Griffith ~ I am a Soroptimist because I choose to be part of something bigger than myself that will outlast and outlive me for the benefit of others.

Fadia Muradali-Kumar ~ I am proud to be a member of this organisation made up of hardworking and dedicated ladies whose purpose is to educate, encourage and empower girls and young women with a sense of worth. And with this, anything is possible!

Beverly Ann Ali-Seupaul ~ I am proud to be a Soroptimist because I derive great satisfaction in working with women who share similar vision and passion in our aim to educate, empower and enable women and girls. In the process, we have nurtured amazing friendships and respect for each other.

Marilyn de Castro-Lalla (Communications Officer) ~  I am a Soroptimist because I feel that as a member of this group of women, I can achieve far  more in making the world a better place, than simply on my own. I experience fun and fulfillment working with like-minded women to improve the quality of life of other women and girls. (A former Club President)

Cheryl Boodoosingh (President) ~ Women and girls are disadvantaged in many ways, through religion, culture, and domestic situations or just life events and we can make a change in their lives. I’m a Soroptimist because I made a decision at a certain point in my life to give back. And it has come with a big bonus. I have made the best friends ever and we have fun doing what we do. (Former Club & National Association  President)

Denyse Ewe  (President Elect) ~ I enjoy the camaraderie among my Soroptimist Sisters alongside whom I get to provide transformative opportunities which empower women and girls in Trinidad and Tobago. Service to humanity is very important to me and I get to live my best life doing what I love through Soroptimism.

Arianne Dhanukdharriesingh ~ I am a Soroptimist because I want to help others and make a positive impact in their lives. Being a part of this organization allows me to educate, empower and enable woman and girls to realize their true potential in life.

Ursula de Castro ~ I am a Soroptimist because I want to help to improve the quality of life of women and girls. (Former Club & National Association President)

Danielle Thomas ~ In the words of Maya Angelou, ‘I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.’ Being a Soroptimist allows me fellowship with women who share the passion to help women and girls in the community.

Patricia Campbell ~ I became a Soroptimist because I believe that through Soroptimism and its network of women’s service groups, I can help Empower, Educate and Enable women and girls to improve their lives while also forming friendships with like-minded women.

 Jayanti Lutchmedial (Vice President) ~ I am a Soroptimist because I want to use my time, energy and talents to create a better world for my daughter and all the daughters, sisters and mothers in my community, country and around the world. Being part of a global organisation that has become a collective voice for women on issues such as equality, poverty, access to education and basic human rights means that I get an opportunity to speak on behalf of my little girl. We can work towards a brighter future for all little girls. while building friendships and lifelong bonds of sisterhood.

Gemma Casimir Redman ~ I feel strongly about gender equity, but to achieve this, women must understand their role in society. We must therefore Educate, Empower and Enable each other so that we can realise our full potential . We must find that seat at the table so that we can make an indelible contribution to the improvement of women and inevitably all citizens as a whole.


Why I am a Soroptimist?


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