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President’s Message

President Cheryl Boodoosingh, AGM 2019

Together in anticipation, waiting in anticipation, hoping in anticipation.  Twenty-one Associate Soroptimists made a decision to form a club.   It all culminated on December 9th 2018, the night of the club charter.   And Oh! What a night!   The day and night represented a celebration of the hard work and combined efforts of all of our members in the preceding months.   It was an expression of true teamwork, strong cohesiveness and rich promise of a bright new future.   It was hope come to life.  Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! ….so often said by our Membership Officer Denyse.

The reports by our Membership Officer Denyse, our Programme Acton Officer Tara, our Communications Officer Marilyn, our Treasurer Debra and our Secretary Irmin, have refreshed our memories and documented the achievements during the life of SI Esperance as a Proposed Club and as the Chartered Club.    The energy and the commitment continue to be evident.   We came together to transform the group of Associate Soroptimists into a club.  The process had its highs and the lows.  We need to ensure that we continue to support each other in the highs and lows of the life of the club, during the times where our own energies will be low or redirected as our lives take us on different paths.    Our lives have changed also, just as the club has grown and changed over the last 9 months,.    We are now a club of 26 members, following the induction today and transfer earlier this year.  Our members have great strength and capability, dedication and willingness.   Who could have pulled off a fund-raiser in 3 days or another one in two weeks; a project in 2 days, two weeks – SI Esperance does it!   Our club is resilient and innovative, working tirelessly to achieve goals; achieving the goals of our club, goals of our National Association and goals of our Federation SIGBI all to make a difference in the lives of women and girls.   In 9 months, we have put Soroptimist on the lips of many people, and it’s woven into their conversations.  We have raised the awareness of the work we do – enriching the lives of women and girls.

My wish for SI Esperance is to maintain this momentum, the culture, the energy and exuberance for years to come.  The demographic of our club ranges from 2 to 92,  and I’m including the littlest supporter,  who is helping us with marketing,  who will lean on the members with the years of Soroptimist  experience and those with life experience, and it will be up to members to hand over the baton of leadership,  and for members to take the baton.  We need to create the culture of ‘me next’ and ‘when will it be my turn’ for roles in the running of the club, completing a fund-raiser, or making a project happen. A very respected sage of a Soroptimist once told me, sometimes it’s necessary to step back, so as to create space for others to step forward.    In the coming months and years, our goal will be to have members step forward.     In doing so, we will continue to have meaningful projects in a depressed social environment, innovative fund-raisers in an even tighter economic environment, all in an effort to make a difference. Thank you to all our members.


President Cheryl Boodoosingh ~ December 2018

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.” – Alexander Pope

Esperance has a foundation of Hope.  The genesis of this club started with the desire to give a sense of hope to women and girls.

There are a many words to describe the Proposed Soroptimist Club Esperance, and  two come to mind quickly, which start with an ‘E’ ~ Enthusiasm and Energy.  What an exciting journey we have started! Such passion exists in our membership.  The club’s activities will focus on giving hope to women.  Hope will be the foundation of all our projects and initiatives.  And once hope has been created, enthusiasm will follow.  Esperance means Hope in French and Esperance reflects the varied heritage of our country, in a small village located  in South Trinidad.

As the Soroptimist International organization’s  primary focus is on women and girls, we will seek out innovative projects and partnerships that will address needs and issues of women in the southern rural areas of Trinidad.  One of our first projects completed in September 2018 was a Free Legal Aid Clinic for Mature Women is part of a wider group of projects that will seek to fill niche needs to educate and empower  women in many rural areas.   We also want to give opportunities to young girls in rural areas, and our second project completed in October 2018,  Girls in Aviation, was a ground breaker in the area of educational opportunities for young girls.  Part of a Women in Stem initiative, this project focused on the non-traditional aspects of STEM.

We will partner strategically, to have the greatest impact and use non-traditional methods and develop plans of doing our work that will be the success of our projects’ focus.  Our club membership has not only deep experience as Soroptimists, but also bring a broad base of professional  capability, that is in touch with present day issues facing women. Hope, underpinned by Energy and Enthusiasm can make a difference.

We are fast approaching our special day in the life of this proposed club.  On December 9, we will be chartered as a club.   And coincidentally, the number 9 seems to be repeating itself in our short life so far… July 9 we made a big decision to form a club, on October 9 we received our consent to charter as a club, and on December 9, we will be Chartered as a club of the SIGBI Federation of Soroptimist International.    In some writings, the number 9 signifies an awakening of your inner self for humanitarian services.

The Proposed Club of Esperance would like to project the Soroptimist organization as the service organization of choice for women, not only in our club, but the sister clubs in our twin islands, and also our clubs in the Caribbean.

The members of our club are all united in the effort to give of themselves to create opportunities for others, mainly women and girls.  Be part of the awakening to make a difference and breathe hope into someone’s life.