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Literacy Project ~ Esperance

International Literacy Day

Our first project was at the Esperance Early Childhood Education Centre.

In less than a week after being given permission to do projects, this  group of Soroptimist Associates in South Trinidad (subsequently The Proposed Soroptimist Club Esperance and then Soroptimist International Esperance) planned and executed this project. They marked International Literacy Day, September 8th by spending time with the staff and pupils of Esperance Early Childhood Education Centre.

Soroptimists Patricia Campbell and Ursula de Castro presented gifts to promote literacy to the school’s principal Annie Rajkumar.

Studies show that children who enter primary school without good pre-reading or reading skills find themselves “left behind”; resulting in their inability to obtain the education needed for strong economic empowerment. Providing literacy based books, games and alternative methods for teaching pre-school age students (age 3-5) gives the school the necessary tools to allow these students to learn the skills necessary to confidently matriculate into a primary school environment.

This project involved:

1) Identifying the needs of the Early Childhood Education Centre,

2) Purchasing the needed resources,

3) The presentation of the educational materials to the school.

The children had great fun opening the gifts.

We agree, “You are important.”      

“Would you help me please?”  92 year old Soroptimist Ursula de Castro is always ready to help.

The donated resources enhanced the educational experience of the students, enabling them to confidently matriculate into primary school. This will lead to further educational opportunities because a strong literacy-based foundation was laid at an early age. On International Literacy Day, The Trinidad Express published an interview with our Communications Officer, an experienced Remedial Teacher. She spoke of the importance of an early foundation to reading success and the work of Soroptimist International.

Soroptimist Denyse Ewe returned with more donated items to the school.

Christmas Treat

SI Esperance held a Christmas party to continue our relationship with the Esperance Early Education Center, advocating literacy by donating books, novelties, and treats to the school.

This project was chosen to continue our International Literacy Day 2018 efforts to strengthen the early foundation and reading skills in young children. We hope to instill an appreciation and love for reading in this highly IT stimulated world in which we live. We hope that this project will contribute to a decline in the illiteracy rate in Trinidad. Literacy is the key to future educational opportunities and future economic empowerment.

This project involved continuing our relationship with the Esperance Early Childhood Centre. We purchased and wrapped items for distribution, including colouring books and crayons to help students increase their fine motor skills. We sang Christmas carols. Food and refreshments were provided for the students and teachers. Photographs were taken and distributed as keepsakes for the parents.

Sorting the gifts.
A number of Soroptimists and a Soroptimiss wrapping gifts for the school children.                                                                                                                                                
A presentation was made to the school,
and gifts were presented to the children.
The Soroptimists were happy to be able to reconnect with the teachers and children.

Teachers have attested to the fact that the intervention by SI Esperance members has stimulated increased interest in reading among both children and parents.

Here are some scenes from the Christmas party.