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Friendship & Personal Development

Virtual Friendship Day

Soroptimist International Esperance made history by having the annual Soroptimist Friendship Day virtually with the theme of The Roaring 20s. It was a memorable occasion where the clubs were able to showcase their work and their talent. Because it was virtual, it was even possible to have guests from other Caribbean islands. It was good to see one another for the first time in a very long time.

SI Esperance Virtual Friendship Day

Farewell to Leah

Members of Soroptimist International Esperance gathered to wish their Soroptimist Sister Leah Stewart-Rivas farewell and best wishes before she left to live in England. She has remained active in the club as a Linked member.

Soroptimist International Federation President’s Visit

Soroptimist International Federation President of Great Britain and Ireland, Sue Williams, visited Soroptimist clubs in Trinidad on her way to the Soroptimist International Caribbean Network Conference in Barbados. On Monday 19th August she was hosted by Soroptimist International Esperance Club to a meet and greet afternoon.

 President Sue and her husband Jason were treated to the music of the steel pan, our national instrument, played by Zachery Ali. Both were so impressed by the melodies that President Sue had a mini-lesson and tried her hand at playing a scale, much to the delight of the Club members.

Zachery Ali demonstrates the pan while President Sue Williams looks on.
Budding pan player, President Sue Williams.

Tea was provided while the club’s 20 videos from their Soroptimist International Esperance YouTube channel showed project activities. There was a lively conversation before the start of formal proceedings which began with the Soroptimist Pledge. This was followed by an informal look at plans for Soroptimist Clubs and a question and answer session.

All SI Esperance occasions include delicious food, often produced by talented members.
Acquaintances from the Soroptimist International Convention in Malaya were renewed. Federation President Sue Williams (centre) with Rabbia Khan, Esperance member & President of the Interclub of T&T; (L) and Rowena Wattley, Organisational Development Officer. (R)

The evening ended with a delicious dinner and lively conversation. It was certainly a memorable evening with lots of positive energy and fun. The enthusiasm and optimism of President Sue and the S.I. Esperance members was clear.

Sue was impressed by her corsage of locally grown orchids which was made by a club member. Beverly Ann Ali-Seupaul pins it on.
The miniature pan was a perfect memento of the evening and Trinidad and Tobago.
It was a memorable occasion!

T.E.A.M. ~ Together Each Achieves More


Soroptimist International Esperance recently held a session entitled T.E.A.M. ~ Together Each Achieves More. This was held at the Esperance Regional Complex and facilitated by Zaida Ventour of ZV Education Services and Solutions. It was a fantastic morning of friendship and fun which encouraged each member to consider the running of the organisation and to formulate best practices. All of the participants would agree that such an event is ideal for any organisation to foster interpersonal relations, and to take the “I” out of “team.”

Facilitator Zaidor Ventour makes a point.
Some of the activities required serious thought.  ~ (L-R) Danielle Thomas, Arnella Lalloo, Arianne Dhanukdaharrysingh.
Practices of the organisation to start, stop or keep were considered. ~ (L-R) Danielle Thomas, Keisha Baig-Ramsamooj.
Participants had to get up and move to show their choices.  ~ (L-R) Patricia Campbell, Gemma Casimir-Redman, Chinarra Griffith & Leah Stewart-Rivas.
Esperance Soroptimists were jubilant at the end of the T.E.A.M. event.  ~(L-R) Shallini Gopeesingh-Ramnath, Beverly Ann Ali, Marilyn Lalla, Gemma Casimir-Redman, Denyse Ewe, Chinarra Griffith, Leah Stewart-Rivas.
Gratitude should always be shown. Soroptimist Leah Rivas-Stewart (R) made a presentation to facilitator Zaida Ventour. (L)
The SI Esperance T.E.A.M.


The Sincerity of Friendship ~ celebration of President Cheryl’s birthday.

Soroptimist Friendship Day 2018

Soroptimist Friendship Day

Thank you to our host club, Newtown.
The Proposed Soroptimist Club Esperance represented India.
After presenting their Indian dance, Esperance members encouraged other club members to join them on the floor.
It was a total thrill to see our future name in print for the first time!