Sharon’s Malawi Madventure

September 2015 – Little Jack Horner‏

                Today we witnessed a small miracle courtesy of a fantastic man called Robster. He and his team make wheelchairs and fit corner chairs for children, funded by Friends of Sick Children in … Continued

September 2015 – stepping back in time

Pharmacy is a new profession in Malawi, it celebrates its tenth anniversary next year when 8 students started their course here at the University of Blantyre. Unsurprisingly it has a long way to go but the students I’ve met and … Continued

September 2015 – First few days in Blantyre

Well we’ve arrived, a bit muddled and tired but all the hold luggage is safely with us which was one of my worries.   We’ve been tested for Ebola (passed!) had our fingerprints and iris recognition taken so clearly we won’t … Continued

September 2015 – and so how long does it take to have a baby?

It’s taken 9 months since conception of this Madventure in January, developing and forming its shape, to hopefully successful delivery.    We’ve packed every inch of hold luggage full of medical equipment, colourful clothing and toys.   Dave and I have proved that it’s … Continued

September 2015 – Finally I can see my dining table!

Well one of us is happy.   Dave is in his element working out how to fit all the medical supplies we’ve collected into the smallest space possible.   I, who have no spatial awareness, and can’t do a jigsaw to save … Continued

August 2015 – Listomania

We go in less than 2 weeks time and I am surrounded by endless ‘to do’ lists.   This is hilarious for as my husband will vouch, I HATE LISTS!   However in order to keep my Madventure under control whilst holding … Continued

August 2015 – Quite a different challenge appears

When I planned my day shadowing pharmacy staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital I was worried about my lack of knowledge about hospital pharmacy systems and my clinical skills regarding paediatric medication.   What I don’t anticipate is my emotional reactions, especially … Continued

August 2015 – Work experience at my age?!!!

When I started this Madventure, I hadn’t realised that the tenets of Soroptimism – Educate, Enable and Empower were going to apply to me!   Through my various contacts I manage to arrange a day’s work experience at Birmingham Children’s Hospital … Continued