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From the Tsunami to Domestic Abuse,experiences of a Police Officer

We had the enormous pleasure to welcome two Soroptimists from Litchfield club to our 3rd July supper meeting.
The speaker, Jennifer Mclelland together with a former SI Mansfield member, Liz Leaver who recommended this incredible lady, a tremendously driven professional to share her inspirational stories with us.
Jennifer’s talk was on her experience working in Thailand following the Tsunami for 14 months. Then with her career in the police force she utilised her strength in making a difference and led an outstanding Domestic Abuse offender for the force at the same time kept a close eye on her team who investigated Domestic Abuse.
Recently, we were informed that she has received a much awaited promotion to Chief Inspector. Our congratulations for her achievement!!
In essence, we have much to learn, to take on board of the ideas and perhaps to work together to share our joint values in undertaking projects for continuing the excellent work in Soroptimism. We are blessed to have the connection with another fellow Soroptimist.

Photograph from left to right, Marion Allan Club secretary, Liz Leaver SI Lichfield member, President Kam Britland SI Mansfield and Speaker Jen McClelland