61st Charter Dinner

President Kam Britland & Toast Master Sue Challis welcomed one of the speakers Mrs Anne Thompson SI Stratford-upon-Avon at the Hostess on Fri 12.10.18 celebrating the club’s 61st charter anniversary dinner. 

Speakers were:- Region President of SI Midland East – Ruth Dodd
Lady Diana Meale responding to the toast for guests.
Mrs Anne Thompson SI Stratford upon Avon
Mrs Sue Manchester President Elect

Honoured guests – Mayor Kate Allsop & Mr Keith Allsop, and Soroptimist members & Presidents from the Amber Valley, Chesterfield , Dukeries, Peterborough , Lincoln, Lichfield & Nottingham as well as friends & families.

Pres Kam would like to express her thanks to Eileen Stewart, Anne Bull, Ann Sale, Sue Challis, Diane Milner, Marion Bates & all the Hostess staff beavering away behind the scenes. The speakers all spoke eloquently on the night. The wonderful entertainment was provided by the Yorkshire band “ Recycle” whose repertoire of music runs from the 60s, 70s & 80s