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June 2016: Progress so far .
As part of our Programme Action work, we have chosen to support WaterAid, specifically as having access ( or the lack of it ) to fresh water has a major impact on the lives of women and girls.

Vanda started us off by contacting Yorkshire Water who are very active in supporting WaterAid. They offered to send a speaker to the club so a speaker is booked for September 24th 2016 and that has given us a target date to work to. At the September meeting we will have a ribbon bottle with Champagne at the end of the ribbons to raise money.

We have sold bottles of water to club members and friends. Each bottle has a label asking for the water to be drunk and the bottle to be filled with all the spare copper that clutters up pockets and purses. Filled bottles will be brought back to the group in September, cash will be counted and banked and we will present the contributions to buy specific items like taps and toilets to help reduce the workload of women and girls .

Is there any lobbying we can do ? We have been encouraged to look at the link to the WaterAid website inviting people to lobby their MPs in supporting their work.

Next we will be considering local action …….. Watch this space!