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Programme for SI Bingley – April 2019 to April 2020



7th Executive & Development: Chair Chris Clark

14th Business Meeting: Chair Chris Clark

Wednesday 22nd  Amble led by Lesley Bateman

28th  7pm for 7.30pm, Social: Meal at Dick Hudson’s, Eldwick


1st Interactive Development Day, Nottingham

4th Executive & Development: Chair Jane Glendinning

11th  Business Meeting: Chair Jane Glendinning (at Gilstead Village Hall, not Eldwick Church Hall)

18th Amble led by Chris Clark and Joyce Moyers

23rd RCM at Askham Grange Women’s Prison

25th Social: Women’s Group

29th Yorkshire Conference at the Elvington Air Museum


3rd Executive & Development: Chair Bernadette Cawley

9th Business Meeting: Chair Bernadette Cawley

Wednesday 10th: Coffee group Summer Lunch at Oakwood Hall, Bingley 

17th Amble led by Carol Davis and Julie Hipkin

19th -21st SI Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23rd Social: Yorkshire Air Ambulance


No meetings are planned during August 


3rd Executive & Development: Chaired by members of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance group

10th Business Meeting:Chaired by members from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance group 

24th Social : Empowering Girls in Nepal

Wednesday 25th: Amble led by Ena Mercy 

28th RCM / AGM at St Francis Xavier School, Richmond


1st Executive & Development: Chair Margaret Bromley

8th Business Meeting: Chair Margaret Bromley

Wednesday 16th: Amble led by Maggie Maclean and Judith Golton

22nd Social Evening: Club event

24th – 26th SIGBI Conference, Bournemouth


5th Executive & Development: Chair Joyce Moyers

12th Business Meeting: Chair Joyce Moyers

26th Social: Women’s group


10th Christmas party (tba – including Secret Santa, donation envelopes and cards)



7th Executive and Development: Chair Bernadette Cawley

14th  Business Meeting: Chair Bernadette Cawley

28th Social Evening: Yorkshire Air Ambulance


4th Executive & Development: Chaired by members of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance group

11th Business Meeting: Chaired by members of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance group (Programme Action projects for 2020 – 2021 to be discussed)

25th Social evening: Empowering Girls in Nepal


5th Executive & Development Committee Chair Margaret Bromley

8th International Women’s Day 

10th Business Meeting: Chair Margaret Bromley (Programme Action projects for 2020 – 2021 agreed)

Saturday 14th RCM at the Holiday Inn, Barnsley

26th Social evening, Fun, Food and Friendship evening organised by the Exec Committee


14th Business Meeting: Chair Jane Glendinning

28th Club AGM at Eldwick: Chair Chris Clark