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SI Bingley celebrates its 70th Anniversary, April 2019

SI Bingley was chartered on the 29th April 1949. In April 2019 the club celebrated 70 years of Programme Action and service which has benefitted the lives of women and girls and their communities locally, nationally and internationally. This is a marvellous achievement.

On Saturday April 27th 2019 we held a celebratory dinner at Bingley St Ives Golf Club with 102 members and guests. Sue Williams, Federation President and Pat Kilbane, Yorkshire Regional President also joined us and praised the work we are involved in. They can be seen here cutting the cake and lighting the candle of Friendship.

We were entertained by Lesley Berry of SI Harrogate who produced a witty monolgue about how SI Bingley has developed over the years, which also focussed on the amusing exploits of some of its members!

We also marked the occasion by mounting a display locally in the Santander Bank on Bingley Main Street during Easter week and through a variety of activities led by club members.