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PA Project: Water – SI Madurai

SI Madurai supported the research of students in a rural school near Satara and in a village in Madurai to experiment with finding a way of providing safe drinking water to villages in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

A solution was found using rice husks, which are abundantly available wastage in underdeveloped countries. Rice husk is inexpensive and is an amazing way to filter out lead, toxins, and sediments from water. Rice husks, rice husk ash, and fine rice husks create small gaps that only water can go through. Various pollutants, such as dyes, phenols, organic compounds, pesticides, inorganic anions, and heavy metals can be removed very effectively with rice husk as an adsorbent.

This solution could help people all around the world to get fresh, clean water. The students presented their research to a team at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who applauded the solution as an excellent idea for incorporating abundantly available wastage Rice Husks into production solution in solving water purification problem.