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PA Project: Tadpoles Swimming Project – SI East Grinstead


Working with partners to support physical and mental health.

SI East Grinstead has supported Mental Health and Disability groups for nearly 20 years by working in partnership with “Tadpoles – East Grinstead Swimming Club for people with disabilities both physical and mental “and with the “East Grinstead and District Mental Health Association.”  We help individuals become involved in activities which are readily available to most of the population but they are not able to participate in without support.

Tadpoles Swimming Group

The Tadpoles group for disabled swimmers meets for an hour every week in a swimming pool cleared for their use only. East Grinstead Soroptimists pays for some of the evenings, ensuring the exclusive use of the pool and participants can enjoy a relaxed hour of water therapy. The range of disabilities is varied and includes: cerebral palsy, amputees, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, partially sighted and mental health.

Soroptimists support ranges from in-water and pool side assistance to swimming and changing supervision, equipment transport and health and safety. Soroptimists have also helped fund hoists, swimming awards and chair lifts.

Conservation group

Each Friday a group of clients come to one of 3 conservation sites: the town theatre, the town hall public grounds and a field centre in the country. The group undertake a variety of tasks from planting, growing their own vegetables, tidying flower beds, working in the greenhouse to ditch digging, bramble pulling, taking part in environmental surveys and bird box maintenance and feeders. Soroptimists work alongside clients and partners.