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What colour do you associate with caring?

You can take your pick of colours.  November has definitely been a month that we Soroptimists and our Club have shown that we care.   Not just locally but nationally and internationally.    We continue to demonstrate that #westandupforwomen in many ways and varied colours

The colour red – for Poppy Day

Woman holding poppy wreath in front of memorialLots of us joined President Julie as she lay our wreath at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony, along with many other service Clubs in Kenilworth.

In Julie’s words – Upwards of 500 people gathered at the war memorial in Kenilworth for the Remembrance Sunday service. It was a solemn, dignified and moving ceremony and I felt the  privilege of representing SI Kenilworth and District in laying our wreath. Our own Rachel was among the ministers leading the ceremony and it was lovely to be able to see her in her work, as well as in Soroptimist friendship. It was also fortunate that Rachel was able to move swiftly to save a wreath layer from a fall as she left the steps of the memorial and to steady her on her feet. Rachel’s friendly, matter of fact manner took any sting of embarrassment from the situation and moved it smoothly on. 
After the ceremony there was lunch in the private dining room of the Almanack for twenty three of us, including partners and we had a wonderful time! The food was excellent and the conversation and laughter filled the room. Two hours passed before anyone reluctantly thought of leaving such a relaxed, enjoyable get together. Huge thanks to Ann P for organising the event, it was a treat for everyone able to be there.



Some of us are partners to Kenilworth Lions so we made sure that during the Lions trip to the National Memorial Arboretum we found the Soroptimist sculpture.   If you get the chance to visit, it really is a remarkable place and the Soroptimist sculpture is beautiful.

The colour gold – rescuing Sleeping Beauty

The winter is traditional with pantomime and our good friend Joan was in danger of becoming Sleeping Beauty.   The golden conifers at the front of her property have grown very quickly.   As she hasn’t got long hair, she can’t act the part of Rapunzel either to be rescued!   Thankfully, one of our Club knows just how to prune such ‘beasts’ so now Joan can look out of her windows once more.

The colour of care – Lend with Care

The gift that just keeps on giving.   This project is achieving great things.   Set up with just £100 during Gill S’s year as President, this update show how successful it is for these women.

Our impact to date

    • Number of loans             15
    • Amount lent                    £420
    • Entrepreneurs helped    82
    • family members helped  378
    • Jobs created                      7
    • People helped              467 

The colour Soroptimist blue – for getting rather cold!

Ann B negotiated a free charity stall at Kenilworth Thursday market.

Many members donated some great items to appeal to Christmas shoppers .   Carole’s lovely decorative wood turned pieces and some beautifully crafted baby wear donated by Elaine.   Many more of us, including Anne J, had given good quality jewellery.   Ann’s vibrant scarves framed the stall to eye-catching effect.


This said effect was no happy accident .   Amanda got up early that day to show Ann exactly what is meant by ’setting your stall out’.   Amanda has a real talent and creative flair for  showcasing the items on sale. Ann’s stint at the stall (all day except for an hour for lunch) was ably supported in turn by Muriel, Elaine, Gill S, Sharon, Trish and Amanda.    Gill S made it easy for shoppers to pay by card so that potential sales weren’t missed.   The team effort resulted in a whopping £130 to add to our already considerable amount raised in support of the Parenting Project   Huge thanks to Ann for originating and organising the event and to all who offered support in the many different ways.    The stall was so successful that Ann will be reprising it at the MAR conference at the Chesford Hotel on 4th December.

The colour of a rose – the Soroptimist Rose to be precise

To mark how proud we are of Elaine who has just completed her year as President of MAR, we were delighted to present her with some gifts.

Marion made one of her beautiful cards and together with President Julie, created a certificate.  Thankfully the Soroptimist Rose came with a card as, to be honest, it is just a bunch of twigs at the moment!   We’re looking forward to seeing it in all its glory next summer.

The colour orange – UN 16 days of activism

The inimitable Georgie led our candle lighting ceremony to start our 16 days of ‘Oranging the World’ and celebrate our friendship.   This year we gave special thought to our most recent friendship link in Ireland – SI Downpatrick.   The latter was helped along by a little tipple of Baileys donated by Georgie and the delicious Guinness cake made by President Julie 

The 16 days runs from 25th November and finishes on 10th December.   The 10th of December was declared Human Rights Day way back in 1942.   And adopted as Soroptimist International Day in 1960.

As Georgie said so eloquently

Our membership is recruited in different lands and we are of different colours, creeds and races.   Together we celebrate our diversity in empowering women to stand up for women in many different ways’


The colour green – our speaker Jan Burnell

Jan has been passionate about ‘Green Issues’ since the 1980s.   From stopping eating meat, growing much of her own veg on her allotment to tracking every draught in her house and stopping them.   She has helped set up various groups in Kenilworth and as a result this has  encouraged others to do what they can.   Jan most definitely has a ‘can do’ attitude and has found that ‘wishful thinking’ can often lead to action.   Although sometimes she has to be patient!   She’s a great believer in recycling and loves to use Freegle.   Her current ambition is to get an incredible edible project similar to that run in Todmorden expanded through out Kenilworth.