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Federation Councillor’s Report

Federation Consultative Councillor’s Annual Report

For September 2023

FCC Report


Please see the major points from the Board Meeting in July 2023.

The agreed notes from the meeting on 9th July have been distributed to all clubs.


  1. Structure of SIGBI Ltd

The Board have discussed proposed structural reorganisation of SIGBI. There will be an information paper to be sent to all members by mid August 2023. There will be a period of consultation prior to the November Board Meeting. More information to follow.

  1. Finance

The Accounts have been approved by the board.

A request has been made for members to ensure they are signed up for Gift Aid wherever possible.

  1. Governance

Work is ongoing in relation to the issue of clubs and possible Charitable status, issues of liability etc. need to be considered carefully.

  1. Membership
  • Current membership – 5299 (down from 5426 in June 2022).
  • A new club has been chartered in Leamington and a further 5 are in process.
  1. Programme Action
  • Please record as many PFRFs on the Hub as possible and include volunteer hours.
  • In 2024 the process for Best Practice Awards will change, clubs will have to apply for an award.
  • FPAC annual meeting will be by Zoom on Saturday 28th October 2023 – all are welcome.
  • 16 days of activism – there will be a toolkit from SI – to use similar publicity world wide.
  1. PR and Marketing – for SIGBI
  • Main objective is to increase SIGBI’s profile, and brand awareness.
  • Please can clubs let Sally know of community communications contacts to develop a database.
  • FCC survey – initial results are on the HUB – further work to be done.
  • GDPR – use information online initially.
  1. The Annual report was approved by the Board.

Thank you to the clubs that have allowed me to attend their meetings so far. I look forward to joining with other clubs as well.

I am happy to discuss any matters with clubs or members individually. The best way to contact me is e-mail:

Louise Parry