Federation Councillor’s Report

June 2018

Federation Councillor’s report to Region for May –June 2018


The second board meeting of the Federation year 2017/18 was held in Stockport from 6thto 8thApril 2018.

  • A presentation from UKPAC Chair Kay Richmond. Kay has completed a very detailed analysis of the national anti- slavery survey, carried out by SIGBI members in October 2017. It highlighted how there is still considerable effort needed to raise awareness of modern day slavery.The Board thanked Kay for all her hard work. Her full report will be presented at the UKPAC Study Day in Belfast on Saturday 7thJuly 2018.

Registration is still open for the Study Day at a cost of £75. Cheques are to be made payable to SIGBI Trading Ltd and sent to SIGBI HQ, together with the booking form.

  • Appointment of SIGBI Directors to the SI Board

Under the new Articles and Bye-Laws of Soroptimist International, there are two Board members appointed by each Federation to serve on the S.I Board. It was agreed by the FMB that a Task and Finish Group would be formed to look at the process of appointing the two SIGBI Directors and report back at  the July 2018 FMB meeting.

  • I Convention 2023   

The SIGBI led 2023 S.I Convention will take place in Dublin.

  • Governance:

Board Structure

Saturday morning was dedicated to continuing the work started to investigate what the structure of the Board would be when SIGBI achieved charitable status. Board members and Federation Councillors divided into three discussion groups, each group then having an opportunity to explain their rationale. It was encouraging to see that the three groups had a lot of commonality in terms of a proposed structure. This work will be continued at the July 2018 FMB meeting, when it is hoped the outcome of SIGBI’s application for charitable status is known.

Please look out for more information on the move to charitable status in Soroptimist News and in the SIGBI mailings.

  • SIGBI Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is everyone’s business and the Charity commission is keen that we have policy and procedures in place and awareness is raised amongst the membership.

A Safeguarding Policy will be on the website soon and a short  Powerpoint presentation  will be rolled out to regions from June 2018.

Please bring this to your members’ attention to ensure that the Safeguarding Presentation is shown at both regional and club meetings.

  • General Data Protection Regulations

Gina Coad presented a paper to the Board regarding the Data Protection Regulations that come into effect on 25thMay 2018. A complete guide, containing all the necessary elements of the legislation, has been sent out by Gina to Club Secretaries.

If there are any queries regarding GDPR, please contact SIGBI HQ  – hq@sigbi.org

  • Finance

Director of Finance, Judith Lewis, led a discussion about the two resolutions which will be presented at the General Meeting, detailing the proposed increase in capitation fees. President Sue confirmed that her letter to members explaining the need for the increase has gone out in the Club Mailing, together with the Infographic which illustrates the adverse effects of loss of Members.

Please bring this to your members’ attention and ask them to read President Sue’s letter and the Infographic which appeared in Club Mailing, week ending 6thApril 2018.

  • SIGBI Trading Ltd

Interviews were carried out on 29thMarch by a panel of Board members, for the posts of Non-Executive Director for SIGBI Trading Ltd

Jenny Vince and Jacqui Purnell, were offered the position, subject to references. This decision was ratified by the FMB at the meeting on Sunday 8thApril. The Board also ratified the appointment of SIGBI Trading Ltd Non- Exec Director Cathy Cottridge as Company Chair. The two other Directors are Judith Lewis, Director of Finance and Joanne Voller, Sales and Marketing. The appointment of all Directors is for one year from 1stMay 2018.   

The next FMB meeting is 13thto 15thJuly 2018 in Solihull. If you have any issues that you would like us to raise, please let me have them by 18thJune 2018  

Shirley Jones

Federation Councillor

S I Cheshire, North Wales and Wirral