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Federation Councillor’s Report

Federation Consultative Councillor’s Report

For Jan/Feb 2023 Region Meeting


Firstly can I say thank you to the clubs who have already invited me to visit them. I look forward to invites from the rest of the clubs. The role of the Federation Councillor is set to change and I would like to hear from as many clubs as possible as to what they would like the role to include.

The information from the Board meeting in October 2022 is now somewhat out of date, however, the following remains relevant:

SIGBI Conferences in 2023 and 2024 will take place in London and Edinburgh, using smaller and cheaper venues.

It is the club’s own responsibility to ensure they are compliant with copyright law. Training on this topic has been given in a webinar. All clubs are urged to watch this.

The Hub. Work is nearing completion on a new SIGBI database, to be known as the Hub, to replace the     Membership and Programme databases we now use on the website.The Hub has a far greater functionality than the current website, including offering the ability to email all members direct, and has great potential for improving communications. It is hoped this will go live soon.

The Board were pleased that the first E club is now up and running; it has been a long journey to get to this point. The Director of Membership has reviewed the types of membership SIGBI offers and there will be further consideration to their relevance.

The timings of the Federation Board Meetings do not fit in with our Regional Meetings. There are agreed notes produced that can be shared with members and I propose to send these to clubs when they are available. The reports to Region will then be any updates.

I am happy to discuss any matters with clubs or members individually. The best way to contact me is by  e-mail:

Louise Parry