Team Communications Region CNWW

Communications Report to Region Meeting September 2019

Website & Dropbox Manager – Sue Challoner

Data Manager & CNWW Briefing Publication – Helen Owen 

Social Media Champion Twitter – Caroline Marsh

Social Media  Champion Facebook – Lisa Sivori

Region Newsletter Publication – Doreen Jones

Really pleased to let you know that Lisa Sivori SI Ellesmere Port has agreed to take on the role of Social Media Champion – Facebook

Website & Drop Box

Website– Over the last couple of months the website has received a good number of hits, mainly due to the great Region events organised and published – Royal Cheshire Show June, and Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod July. Thanks to Committee members for sending photos and information, have been able to write great articles and shared on many International Social Media platforms, driving readers to our website.

Drop box– This communication tool is proving very successful – any Region member can ask for access, please email me and I will send an invitation to join, we now have 79 members………..Sue Challoner

 Data & CNWW Briefing

Region Directory– Thank you to clubs who responded quickly and sent amendments for the Region Directory.

It is hoped that it is now accurate. Please will clubs make a final check and inform me of any errors or omissions. Some Region Officers and Region Reps will change after the 1stNovember, please send that information as soon as possible.

CNWW Briefing– will be circulated in good time before the Region Meeting. Please will Secretaries and/or Reps forward it all members so they can read the Region Officer reports before the meeting. The Briefing can also be seen on the website and accessed in Drop box………..Helen Owen

 Social Media Champion Twitter

I took on the role of Regional Twitter champion from mid-July 2019. I tweet for my Nantwich club so ensure that I mention the region, which extends coverage. The region has 563 followers. The main focus of July was the International Convention in Kuala Lumpur. From there I made 38 tweets, and the region was mentioned in 67 tweets. This represented a significant increase in activity 375% for tweets, and 140% for mentions. Additionally, there were 188 profile visits and 11.2K impressions (i.e. appearing in followers timeline). The most popular tweet was about the establishment of the new Africa Federation………..Caroline Marsh

 Social Media Champion Facebook

Region Facebook Page where administrators post Soroptimist information now has 226 followers, Region Group where members/clubs are posting has 248 members. Both Facebook accounts post regularly, on group clubs have posted regularly re Federation Presidents theme #SoroptimistsThinkOnIt. The Region has held two successful events since the last report Cheshire Show and Llangollen Eisteddfod both receiving a good number of likes, comments and shares. Posts re International Convention have also done well, as we were able to share photos and information as they happened in Kuala Lumpur, thanks to Region members who attended

Region Newsletter

There are two Region newsletters per year for circulation in June and November. Maximum 250 words (including President’s address, together with a limit 2 images.  This equates to each club being allocated a half page of A4.The timescale for submissions are as follows:-

June Issue: – Notification to clubs April approximately 5 / 6 weeks before closing date of 15thMay, Circulate the newsletter before the Region Meeting in June. November Issue: -Notification to clubs September approximately 5 / 6 weeks before closing date of 15thOctober. Circulate the newsletter before the Region Meeting in November The next date for articles for this year’s November issue will be 9thSeptember, closing date 15thOctober…Doreen Jones

Team Communications Region CNWW