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Region Team Communications Report

Region Communications Team Annual Report to the AGM September 2022

Data Manager – Debbie Moulding 

Media & Communications Manager – Penni Nicholas

Newsletter Editor – Doreen Jones 

Press and PR  – Esther Roberts

Social Media Manager – Denise Harris-Edwards 

Region Briefing Publication – Helen Owen 

Website Editor – Sue Challoner

Please get in touch with the relevant team member to answer any queries, or if you have something you would like to communicate.

Representatives at Region Meeting

Job share 3 members, one vote:

Penni Nicholas

Esther Roberts

Debbie Moulding

Region Newsletter

I would like to thank all clubs in the Region in responding positively to requests for articles for inclusion in the Newsletter.

 Clubs will be circulated in September requesting contributions for the November Newsletter.  The closing date will be 15th October 2022.  As usual the maximum word count is 250, including new Club Presidents messages, and limited to two photos.

Doreen Jones

Region Directories & GDPR

I am working to keep the Region and Club Directories up to date, addressing Data Protection and GDPR. I have attended several Region Meetings as Representative for our Team Communications and written a couple of reports for the website.

Debbie Moulding

Social Media

Produced a communications Action Plan for Region Officers regarding Special PA and Membership days and Events.

Developed new Region LinkedIn account to promote internally and externally and raise awareness of our activities and project work.

Posted for campaigns – 16 days Activism against gender-based violence, Human Rights Day, May is Membership Month and SIGBI Day of Action. Promoted on social media Region Conference and Eisteddfod.

Denise Harris-Edwards

Press & PR

The coverage for the Climate Change Conference in February was rather disappointing as press releases were sent to local press and media (TV & Radio) pre and post-event.  The news that weekend was more focused on Storm Eunice and the link with our conference was not taken up.   A report was sent out to members after listening to 2 excellent speakers at the Regional Meeting in May as well as to the local press. I know that Clubs send information to their local press covering their individual events and the Tree Planting with eco bench on the Great Orme in Llandudno prior to the SIGBI Conference was an excellent example. I hope to work closely with club communication officers in the future and to develop the regional press and PR activity to further increase our profile.

Esther Roberts


We had several fun projects this year that revolved around the centenary celebrations. I usually start most projects for the Comms team with “I have no idea how I’m going to do that!” which means new skills learned as I go along.

The first item was a video montage made up of photographs taken at the Regional Centenary Walk requested for the SIGBI conference. Working with the photographs, it was a joy to see so many smiles and appreciate what beautiful scenery we have across our region.

Well how to top Sue’s Centenary Play from last year was the biggest challenge for our second project so we went down a completely different route with our Centenary Party Podcast.

How to capture songs that could span the decades, touch on our history, our friendships and above all the true meaning of Soroptimist was the biggest ask. It took time, debate, and much reflection.

We were proud to see that our podcast did make it to Soroptimists around the world but most importantly, we hope that it was enjoyed with some dancing and sing-alongs across SICNWW. If anyone wants to listen again, it’s always available.

Please click here to play.

Penni Nicholas

Region CNWW Briefing

Thank you for positive responses to the region briefing. A Briefing has been published for each Region meeting which includes all Officer Reports-available with one-click for easy access for all members. Thank you to Region Secretary Pat and all Region Officers for submitting reports in a timely fashion.

Helen Owen


Thanks to Region and clubs for great news stories and photos to share on the region website. The website is completely up to date. I urge members to read the latest story from Llangollen Eisteddfod. I regularly share website stories to Facebook and distribute globally – a great way of sharing our news.

Sue Challoner.                  

CNWW Region Team Communications