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Region Secretary Report

Regional Secretaries Report June Meeting 2021

This has, of course, been a fairly quiet few months but I am now in contact with Region President Elect Yvonne and Diane to start planning next year’s programme when I am sure things will be back to something like normal.

Thanks to the secretaries who responded to Yvonne’s question about a Regional Conference and to the Regional Officers for their reports and answers to Hilary’s request for a check on her report to the FMC.

Every club has now confirmed that they received Data Manager’s forms to be completed with the Officers details for the next Soroptimist year. I know some clubs have already had their AGMs and others will do so later this month. Can I please ask secretaries to complete the forms and return them to Helen Owen and Debbie Moulding with a copy to me, as soon as possible. All forms need to be completed to be compliant with GDPR.

Details of new Officers for both Region and SIGBI are essential for the smooth running of business particularly under the restricted access conditions prevailing at present,

Finally can I extend my sympathy to all those who have lost members, family or friends during this very difficult period.

I hope you have all had your jab and really look forward to seeing you face to face as soon as it is safe to do so.

Pat Kerfoot