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Region Secretary Report

Region Secretary Report Jan/Feb 2023

This has always been a quiet time of the Soroptimist year once the Change of Insignia is over.

This year, at the Kinmel, we had a very good Change of Insignia and thanked Yvonne for the excellent year we have enjoyed despite all her problems. It is truly amazing that she managed to carry on and lead all the events and meetings and we wish her well in her new role as Development officer.

Susan has produced a very full programme which started with the successful trip to Chatsworth House Christmas markets in November.  Other meetings and events can be found on the Regional and Club Calendar which I keep up to date on Dropbox. For those who do not access Dropbox, I send round regular copies of this calendar to Regional reps.

There have been more bookings for Club Charter/Friendship lunches or dinners this year so please make sure you check the calendar before arranging an event so that we avoid clashes and disappointments. We have always worked on a first come first served basis for bookings.

Thanks to the Regional officers for their cooperation with the reports at this busy time of the year.

I look forward to working with Susan and Janet Murfin throughout the year.