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Region Secretary Report

Regional Secretary Report – April 2022

Organising the breakout session for the zoom meeting on February 5th was an interesting and, at times, frustrating experience.  Fortunately, more by luck than judgement, they seemed to go alright although one or two people ended up in the wrong group. I hope everyone benefitted from working in smaller groups in an area of particular interest.  I am, however, relieved that future Regional meetings are not to be on Zoom although the Regional Officers’ meetings will continue on zoom to prevent members travelling long distances for fairly short meetings.  This was generally welcomed when mentioned at the last Regional officers’ meeting of Louise’s year.

Thank goodness we were able to go ahead with the Climate Change Conference.  Yvonne had worked so hard to organize it.

The weeks leading up to this were extremely busy for both Yvonne and me as the time for organization etc. was shortened by the wait to see if it was able to happen.  Thanks to all those who replied promptly to all correspondence and particularly to those who struggled through the gales to attend. At one time it really did seem as if the gods were against us.

The feed back has been very good and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the excellent speakers and the evening dinner.  Thank you Yvonne.

The New Members’ Lunch was a really worthwhile addition to the programme this year.  It is just a shame that more new members did not attend.  I am sure that those that did enjoyed the excellent lunch and found the information about Soroptimists from Anne MacDonald, Hilary Laidler and Gillie O’Rourke very interesting.

We can now look forward to an excellent meeting on May 21st relating to recycling and climate change, and the Jubilee cruise on June 11th.

Pat Kerfoot