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LIME Annual Report September 2023

2023 has been a difficult year for the Eisteddfod and for our LIME committee; as far as the Eisteddfod are concerned the powers that be decided to bring in an events committee, which put a totally different ‘spin’ on the event. Gone were the many and colourful trade stands, neither were there many ‘service’ organisations such as ourselves the costs have become too high. There were however many more food vans.

While the event company didn’t seem to grasp what Llangollen International Musical  Eisteddfod  is all about, the lovely folk on the ground who work tirelessly each year to make this happen were there, were willing and very able to sort out any issues we had, with a smile and a bit of cellwair / banter.

The group of young people we sponsored this year came from Indonesia, they were a dance group from Labschool Kebayoran Senior Highschool in Jakarta. They were very appreciative of our support.  They were ecstatic to win first prize in the Lucille Armstrong  Dance Champion competition as were we!

As  Llangollen Eisteddfod’s Executive Producer, Camilla King, commented

Huge congratulations to everyone who has competed and performed over the last week, we’ve had an absolute ball, and your joy in sharing your music and dance has really captured the town and far beyond.

And surely that is what it is all about –  the hard work, the fundraising, the sleepless nights over the rota, the joy of meeting young people who are passionate about their music and culture while being able to share that with others from across the world.

Add to that the fun of meeting up with Soroptimists from around the world and Cornwall who welcome the sit down with the offer of a cuppa plus the opportunity of seeing what we’re up to here in CNWW region, sharing ideas. Meeting up again with one of the original members of SI Llangollen and her daughter who shared great stories.

There were two children’s days, primary and secondary; the tent was packed on both days, with children making Peace Lovespoons  while telling us what they were going to be doing in their own school eisteddfods in the coming days. The teachers welcomed tea/coffee/biscuit to keep themselves going and all were interested in what we do.

Thanks to all those who were able to join us each day in the tent, talking to folk  and making refreshments.

The message of Peace which is not only pivotal to the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod  but also to much that we do within Soroptimism in our project work on the Sustainable Development Goals was certainly shared during our time at the Eisteddfod. New friendships were made, yes it poured but fun was had most of the time.

There is a great blog on our website Please click here for more information do take time to read it!

Pam Cheesley Hollinshead

Chair of LIME Committee.