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Region Safeguarding Officer Report

Region Safeguarding Officer Annual Report to AGM September 2022

As Regional Safeguarding Officer I am happy to report that I have had no incidents to sort or intervene.

I have given generic advice on some occasions but no major incidents.

I would still remind everyone to treat people with respect at all times including verbal and non-verbal communication.

Annette Maudsley the SIGBI Safeguarding Officer  is still doing our Safeguarding Forums every three months for all the Regional Safeguarding Officers which can extend sometimes to Trinidad & Tobago !!

Each Forum Annette will broach a different Safeguarding topic which has been very welcomed. One topic in particular was based on Social Media which she subsequently presented to SIGBI  & shortly this will be available for me to circulate or present to clubs.

Annette herself is now working with Border Force at Heathrow Airport.

I would like to remind everyone about the Safe Spaces scheme run by the UK Charity Hestia which enables survivors of domestic abuse to access the support they need in a timely manner. Also the Ask for ANI scheme which is a code for “Action Needed Immediately “and provides a way for victims to tell pharmacy staff that they need help to either call the police on 999 or contact specialist services.

Pharmacies can offer a quiet space for survivors of abuse and support them to call the police or a helpline.

Pharmacy teams can signpost the survivors of abuse to organisations that are set up for the appropriate purpose.

Also a reminder about the “Bright Sky” app which can be downloaded on mobile phones which is a wealth of advice, information,

resources and helplines.

Barbara Myers