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Region Membership Officer Report

Regional Membership Officers Report – April 2022

Penny and I decided that it would be very helpful to create a Regional Membership handbook for guidance for new Officers taking on the role of Regional Membership Officer.

Within this handbook we included a Club Membership handbook, covering Mentoring, Recruitment, Retention, Safeguarding, Risk Assessment and Long Service Award/Certificates. We have felt that most clubs would have their own Membership guidelines but hoped that by putting this information together it would be beneficial to clubs in the Region who wished to have a copy.

A Federation Membership Webinar was held on Saturday 2nd April, attended by myself and three other members from our region and lead by Federation Director of Membership, Chevonne Agana. Much of the material covered familiar ground but there was a strong emphasis on starting new clubs in our Federation, particularly in India and the Caribbean.  Key words were flexibility, leadership, communication and commitment and the need for all members to feel useful!

There was, however, a new recognition and awareness  or the need for ‘outward facing communication’ , that is an external marketing campaign. Jenny and I both felt that the videos produced for Membership month last year were an opportunity wasted as the ones selected were only shown within SIGBI. Some outstanding promotional material just waiting to be used!

Attached are the current membership figures for our region.  Seven clubs have increased their number of members, five have reported a loss of members whilst two clubs have retained their membership numbers, an overall loss of eight members since July 2021.  Sadly,  SI Wallesy has closed although some members have visited other clubs near by with a view to transferring.

Jenny Wilson and Penny Clarke

Joint Regional Membership Officers



SI Cheshire North Wales and Wirral – Membership Numbers
Club Name Members
Anglesey 30
Bangor and District 31
Bebington 19
Birkenhead 16
Chester 17
Denbigh, Ruthin and District 11
Ellesmere Port and District 17
Heswall and District 39
Llandudno and District 35
Nantwich and District 23
Northwich and District 25
Rhyl and District 24
Runcorn, Frodsham and District 17
South Caernarvonshire 27