Regional Membership Officer’s Report

June 2018Untitled

Region Membership Officer Caroline Lightfoot-Smith

Each Club has engaged with their Growing Our Brand plans following the two training sessions in the summer of 2017.  As we all know it does take time to see the changes that we are all wanting to see.

The following shows our membership statistics as at 17thApril 2018.

Members 1/4/2017 New members Transfer in Members left Transfer out Members Died Members 17/4/2018
430 29 2 30 2 6 423


As you can see our total members have fallen to 423.  The number of new members illustrates that everyone is making a huge effort to increase their membership numbers and I am confident that we will see the benefits in the next year.

Please can I remind the Club Membership Officer’s to allocate a mentor to each of your new members.

This year each of our Clubs have chosen when to have a Membership Month event. On the whole the majority of Clubs have decided to either incorporate it with their Growing Our Brand plans or in the Autumn (September).  There are lots of resources to help with publicising your event, please use them. Share the news on Social Media, the local press etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like my support in any membership matters.  I promise that I will give my full support and assure you that everything will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Caroline Lightfoot-Smith

Regional Membership Officer