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Region Treasurer Report

Region Treasurer Report – April 2022

Bank balances in current account and  No 2 account(Please see Report in Dropbox). The latter being the net raffle proceeds to be paid out to mental health charities in the three areas of the region.

The regional conference monies have now been finalised with donations being made to the charities requested by the speakers – £100 to Save the Children for Prof Gareth Wyn Jones and £50 to Faiths4Change for Annie Merry – and the remaining surplus of £205 being added to the raffle proceeds.

2022 regional levies

Emails were sent to club treasurers on 13 March 2022 requesting the region levies with payment due by 31 May.

Emails were also sent to treasurers whose clubs who have had new members since 31 March 2021. Thanks to the four treasurers who have already made payment, I assume the others will be sent with their levies for 2022

Future meetings

Registration forms have been circulated for the next regional meeting at The Imperial on 21 May

Deeside College booked for AGM on 17 September 2022. I need to complete and return their form which includes risk assessment as in previous years

The Kinmel booked for Change of Insignia on 19 November 2022 and deposit of £100 paid


Diane Bennett