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Region Treasurer Report

Region Treasurer Annual Report for AGM September 2022

SI Cheshire, North Wales & Wirral

Finance report for officers and regional reps meeting on 6 August 2022

For FULL report please go to Region Drop box/Region Meetings and reports/AGM 2022.

As previously reported, the net raffle proceeds from the regional conference were held in the No 2 account and these have now been paid out to three mental health charities.

No 2 account was used for the Jubilee river cruise (thanks to Wendy for dealing with the finances for this). There was a small surplus of £31.10 on the event, including the raffle, and a donation has been made to Ukraine via Save the Children leaving a nil balance in this account.

2022 regional levies

Regional levies have been received from all clubs. A total  for 2022/23 in respect of 314 members (down from 338 members last year) plus £38.25 in respect of members who joined during 2021/22

Can I please remind clubs that the regional levy of £2.25 is due in respect of any new members when they join. This is not pro-rated due to the small amount of the levy.

Future meetings

Registration forms have been circulated for the next regional meeting at Deeside College on 17 September and some monies have already been received.

Due to having to provide catering numbers to the college two weeks before the meeting, the close date for registrations is Tuesday 30 August. However, we have requested that clubs do not wait for the close date but return their registration forms after their July meetings. I am hoping that regional reps will be able to advise how many members are attending from their clubs at the officers and reps meeting on 6 August (if forms have not already been sent to me)

The Kinmel is booked for Change of Insignia on 19 November 2022 and deposit of £100 paid

Diane Bennett

17 July 2022