Region Programme Action Officer’s Siân & Esther

ˆProgramme Action Officers Report to Region Meeting

September 2019

Congratulations to all clubs……….A 100% success for our region when all 15 clubs submitted Programme Focus Reports during the period 1stAugust 2018 to 31stJuly 2019.  A total of 232 reports were submitted over the year resulting in the total funds raised of £51,075.77 and 1808 beneficiaries.  As you know reports provide the evidence needed to keep our seat and voice at the United Nations and therefore our region has made a valuable contribution to strengthening the Soroptimist voice at the UN

As indicated in the last report UK PAC were revising the Programme Focus Report form to make it more ‘user friendly’ and more relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals. This has now been completed and will be introduced at the Federation Conference in October and ‘rolled out’ to clubs following the regional meeting in November. 

 During the quarter 1stMarch to 30thJune 121 reports were submitted and a general overview is provided below:

 Education: – 32 Reports were submitted in this category a sample of which included:

  • Purple Community Fund – Collecting ring pulls and fund raising to help women and girls in the Philippines
  • Classroom in the Sky – Fund raising for teacher exchange and for 2 Nepali teachers to visit the UK
  • Don Bosco Charity – Fund raising and supporting roofless and rootless children in Mumbai
  • Learner of the Year – Sponsoring the Welsh Learner of the Year award at the National Eisteddfod
  • Mary’s Meals – Several clubs collected items and packed school bags for the charity
  • OAKS Project – Raising funds for the school in Sierra Leone

Elimination of Violence:16 Reports were submitted in this category which included:

  • Violence Against Women – Clubs were actively involved in raising awareness to end Violence Against Women and also fund raising for local Women’s Centres and Women’s Refuge Centres
  • Modern Day Slavery, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking:
  • Members of several clubs visited hotels and guest houses in partnership with the police and community support officers to raise awareness of pop-up brothels and MDS and highlight the need to be vigilant
  • Presentations to raise awareness at Chester University and  local communities
  • Circulating and promoting the helpline number within local communitiesand raising awareness by distributing leaflets and lobbying MP’s etc

Raising awareness of sexual exploitation (SI Llandudno) and distributing anti-trafficking stickers (SI Northwich)

 Economic Empowerment: – 17 Reports were submitted which included:

  • Tomorrow’s Women Wirral – Providing support for women who seek to rebuild their lives
  • FairTrade – Awareness raising and promoting the purchase of FairTrade products
  • Fund Raising – Clubs actively raised funds for a range of charities and projects including Water Aid, Special Care Baby Unit; Oxfam;  Amnesty International; Tenovus and OAKS
  • Storyhouse Women’s Weekend – Events to celebrate women and girls and explore what affected them
  • Meru Garden Project – Fund raising has exceeded the set target of £150.000 and our region was the second largest contributor to the project raising in excess of £13,000, a great achievement. Congratulations to all clubs who worked hard to raise funds for the Meru Garden Project and to our Ambassador Shirley Whiteway who raised awareness of the project and inspired clubs through her enthusiasm and commitment

Food Security: – 5 Reports were submitted which included:

  • Food Banks – Several clubs support and raise funds for their local Food Banks
  • Homeless – A number of clubs in our region support hostels for the homeless including helping them to grow their own food

Health:- 28 Reports were submitted which included:

  • Mental Health Week; –
  • A substantial amount of funds was raised for mental health and a national research programme during Mental Health Week
  • A number of clubs were involved in working ‘on the ground’ with local mental health units
  • Several clubs also actively supported and raised funds for a number of charities involved with mental health care including Autism; Altzeimers and Children from Chernobyl
  • Specs for Africa – Donating specs for hose in need
  • Hospitals – Providing toys and toiletries for a range of wards at local hospitals

Environmental Sustainability – 18 Reports were submitted which included:

  • Toilet Twinning – several clubs are involved in the ongoing implementation of this project
  • Bees in the Community – Promoting the importance of bees to the food chain and environment through school workshops and presentations/talks to community groups
  • Plastic – Collection of plastic bottle tops to be recycled rather than pollute the environment
  • Can-Pulls – Collection for making bags and jewellery which are sold to support women in the Philippines
  • Beach and river cleaning – projects undertaken by several clubs in the region

Conflict Resolutionv – 5 Reports were submitted which included:

  • Amnesty International – Support by sending messages of support for female victims of war
  • Commemoration Window made of poppies to remember World War One
  • Halton Child Contact Centre – Hands-on support to ensure that estranged parents keep in touch with their children

 A reminder for the collection of plastic milk carton and bottle tops for recycling by Lush. As the Regional President’s guest speaker at the September meeting is giving a talk about the environment we would like you to bring your bags of to the meeting for a photo opportunity and arrange for the bags to be taken to Lush.

   Centenary challenge 2019

Special dateswhich may be of interest to your club:

·      8thSeptember:  International Literacy Day

·      21stSeptember:  International Day of Peace

·      October:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

·      3rdOctober:  SI Club Friendship Day

·      11thOctober:  International Day of the Girl Child

·      16thOctober:  World Food Day

·      17thOctober:  International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

·      18thOctober:  Anti-Slavery Day

·      25thNovember: Elimination of Violence against Women

·      25thNovember to 10thDecember: 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SOC & ER: August 2019

 Siân Kent & Esther Roberts

Region Programme Action Officer’s