Region Development Officer Kathryn

Report to Region Meeting June 2019

Following on from the last Regional meeting, the club development and membership officers looked at where clubs are with ‘Growing our Brand’.

We looked at a reflection tool to use in clubs and a copy was available for all to take back and use if they wished to.

We discussed what types of tools may be useful to develop. There was a mixed response to using social media and videos but these can be a possible option to have on the website that members can access and also for recruitment purposes. These will need to be discussed further and see if there are a few interested members who would like to get involved in making some videos.

The next stage will be later this year following the SIGBI Development day that I am attending. It would be good to know if there are any attending the day from Region?

We have had an application for Region Safeguarding officer and the post should be confirmed at the next meeting. We can then start rolling out the ‘Safeguarding’ training that Federation need us to carry out.

I have been to two further meetings of the Flintshire Club. One business meeting and an event for International Women’s Day. The club has now stopped but the ladies will continue to meet and will become associate members. Hopefully if they can generate more interest in the future they may wish to consider another club in this area.

Any club that would like me to attend please ask. With plenty of notice I can attend.

I look forward to continuing working with you all.


Kathryn Lewis

Region Development Officer