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Region Development Officer Report

Region Development Officer’s Report May 2023

 Dishi Attwood Is the joint Membership and Development link for SIGBI and the recent webinar covered items which have been covered by membership so it is not repeated here but please do take note.

As part of developing our Clubs and Region I offer again to set up ether a face-to-face meeting or a zoom link to assist members or clubs with any issues that would like to obtain help or develop.

In particular it is noted that not all members are accessing the Hub. Take up is essential if you are to be kept informed as this has replaced the bulletins we used to get and access to information we may require. A guidance is being prepared for the end of April but the offer still stands if you wish.

Developing our Clubs and members is what makes us successful and perhaps one way we can continue to be at the cutting edge and grow is to encourage in the first instance prospective members to come to a regional meeting before deciding which Club to join.  Just an idea  which could work. We need to think outside the box of the normal ways of doing things so that we grow  and  forging a friendship  with another Region  is another way  of encouraging  them to recommend  new contacts  they know to our Region .

Yvonne Johns

Region Development officer