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Region Development Officer Report

Region Development Officer Report- June Meeting 2021

Once again I have little to report since the last Regional online meeting. In times where we would have face to face meetings then there would have been workshops to put some of our plans into place. I still want you all to think about club succession planning as this is a very difficult but important area we need to consider.

In my own club we still have no vice President, President Elect or President. We have worked on a different management structure over the past 2 years now with the minimum officer group of Secretary, PAC, Treasurer, Membership, Development supported by committees and members. This has worked very well in the present climate and we are considering now if this will still work going forward.

Regionally we hoped to have members come forward to talk about their experiences of taking on Club and Regional roles, to inspire others to feel inspired to step forward and take these on. If any of your members would be willing to video themselves on their phones and send these in we can produce a good resource on the website.

As I said on the last report, it has been challenging to keep our focus, keep working and doing most of this online. Meeting online is far more challenging and difficult to be inclusive for all our members. However, there are options we have. I know that many of you cannot wait to meet in person but we have to be mindful of those who will continue to find it harder to do this. Meeting online has been a positive option in these times and I am sure you are all aware of the issues that can arise – connectivity, ‘you’re muted’, not having a webcam amongst others. Having the option of a’ hybrid meeting’ can ensure that all our members can attend a meeting both in person or online. This style of meeting will also be a good option for those winter months where some members may not be able to attend. If you would like to explore this further we can develop some information.

There will be an online  meeting with our existing and new Club Development officers before the next regional meeting in June.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like development to help you with or can work with you on.

In Friendship

Kathryn Lewis