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Region Development Officer Report

Region Development Officer Annual Report to the AGM September 2022

 I attended the online webinar along with a couple  of our regional  officers on setting up an E-club.  I have notes on this and the group who are looking at setting a Regional E-club up will now be looking at developing one for CNNW.

 This could be an exciting new start for encouraging new members and also for those who struggle to attend their current local club, as we envisage that there will be joint working.

I feel this is something we need to do more productively across clubs as we often work on similar projects, so strength in numbers and more sharing of ideas is a positive way forward.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like development to help you with or can work with you on.

I step down from the role in October, so I hope at least one of you has had some thought about putting yourself forward. It is unfortunate that most of my tenure was restricted by Covid, however, the Growing our Brand is still there and will pick up again, so there will be a lot more to share with clubs in the near future, and the E-club will need the support as it is set up and develops.

Kathryn Lewis