Region Development Officer Kathryn

Report to Region Meeting September 2019

In July, Membership Officer Caroline Lightfoot Smith and I attended the SIGBI Development day in Nottingham. This day comprised of a mix of presentations and an interactive theatre group who performed scenarios they had been given by SIGBI. The day challenged us to look at what we tolerate, and therefore allow, in terms of behaviours that deter potential new members from joining and also existing members leaving.

I will be using some of the presentation ideas in workshops and also be rolling out stage 3 of ‘Growing our Brand’.

Stage 3 has been developed by SIGBI and not the original company who helped with the first two stages. There are 5 ‘tools’ that can be used and Region and clubs can decide if they wish to use one or more of the tools for development, retention and recruitment. Stage 3 will be the main focus of the next workshop at a Regional meeting.

In my role I will offer to attend clubs to go through the tools if they wish. I have had some positive conversations with members and hope that all clubs will embrace the continuing movement of Growing our Brand and SIGBI will be contacting bot Regional officers and Clubs to see how stage 3 has been delivered and how it is being used. There will be a stage 4, which is currently in development.

It will be important for Membership and Development to work together on this.

Another area that President Pam wishes the Regional Officers to be involved in are monthly Skype meetings. I am aware that there are currently only a few who are able to use Skype at this time, so can I propose that we determine if we can get every officer to be able to access Skype to make this possible.

At the Regional meeting in Llandudno we discussed the other area that President Pam would like to develop, and this was around online training tools. We need to decide what training tools would be useful to all members (that do not currently exist on the SIGBI website). This will need to be developed by a small team, especially if anyone has any recording and editing skills.

Any club that would like me to attend please ask. With plenty of notice I can attend.

I look forward to continuing working with you all.

Kathryn Lewis

Region Development Officer