Region Benevolent Fund Report

Report to Region Meeting June 2019

Earlier this year I attended a workshop for the Trustees of the Benevolent Fund. It was a busy but very worthwhile day. The workshop was well attended by all trustees and led by Jan Doyle the Trustee Chair.

A very interesting section of the day was spent on Signposting Beneficiaries, changing the current leaflet to one which will more directly explain who can apply, directing beneficiaries to other organisations who can also offer help and support. We discussed more formal aspects of Governance , making sure we all comply with what is expected of us. Discussing and exchanging  ideas with members from  all over the country was helpful and beneficial to all .

At present we have only one beneficiary in our region. I am sure there are members who are struggling and too proud to ask for help. Help can be provided in a whole range of situations. If you suddenly find yourself out of work and have no savings put by to tide you over getting a new job or applying for benefits, or if a catastrophe strikes in your home and you have no savings to put things right, the Benevolent fund can help you get over a bad time.

For new members you may be unaware that you can apply for help if you have been a member of an SI Club for three years or more. It is intended to ease the financial difficulties of members who find themselves in difficulties. Help can be provided by either a quarterly payment where income does not sufficiently cover outgoings and also as a one off payment for an unexpected expense as I described above.

However, as I reported to you earlier this year, my term of office is fast coming to an end and soon application forms will be sent to anyone interested in taking on this role. If you are interested and need to find out more about the role please get in touch.

Being a Trustee has been a wonderful experience. It has given me the opportunity to meet many members and to understand that not everyone’s life runs smoothly and all of us at some time need to turn to others for support.

If you need any help please contact me.

Many thanks

Susan Jones

Benevolent Fund Trustee