Region Benevolent Fund Report

June 2018


Writing the Benevolent Fund report each quarter it is sometimes easy to forget that new members may not know about the Benevolent Fund at all.

So, for those new members a little basic information to get you started.

The Benevolent Fund was introduced about 78 years ago to help those members in financial difficulties. Bearing in mind that this was during World War 2 the hardship of that time must have been devastating. Today, there possibly is not the same hardship but for members who suddenly find themselves with ill health, divorce or other financial difficulty it is a huge problem.

The Benevolent fund was set up to help such members get over a difficult time in their lives.

At this time of year when we pay our subs please be mindful that some members may be struggling with their finances. Does your club provide a quarterly, biannual or monthly direct debit?

The income for the fund comes from the levy that we all pay, legacies and also from investments.

To apply for a grant you must have been a member for 3 years and have an income of no more than £14,500. This must include salary, pension. Housing benefit, pension credit etc

You do not need anyone to put your name forward. Just contact me and I can assure you that everything is in complete confidence.

Thank you

Susan Jones

Benevolent Fund Trustee