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Region President Report

Regional President Report – June Meeting 2021.

I have been thinking about the things that will have changed (hopefully) when you read this report.

I hope that most of us will have had the first of our COVID vaccinations, if not both of them, as it is very clear this is what will make the difference to how we can move forward. I am not sure I want to return to the normal of re COVID, I would like to think we could have a new ‘normal’ thinking more about others and their needs.

Thank you to all who attended the February Regional meeting, and my thanks especially to Sue Challoner and her crew for the fabulous play they performed. It went down so well they reconvened to record it and I hope that will mean more people will get to see it in our 100th year.  Looking Back we are following many dynamic women as Soroptimists, let’s take up their challenge and continue to Stand Up for Women.

Since our last meeting I  have been invited to attend an event organised by Wales South for International Women’s Day, and to speak. Thank you to members of our region who attended, there were some technical glitches, but each of the speakers looked at a different aspect of Choose to Challenge  and, considering there was no discussion beforehand, the presentations fit together well. It is hoped we can join together again with Wales South for another event.

I also invite you to attend our next Regional Meeting on 5th June 2021. This will again be by Zoom and I am hoping we can start celebrating the achievements of the Region and its constituent parts!

Looking further forward I am hopeful we can meet face to face for our September meeting and AGM, watch this space!

I do encourage you all to continue with all the good work that is being done and hope that all the new club Presidents and officers enjoy the coming year in whatever way it evolves.

Regional President Louise