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Region President Report

Regional President Annual Report – April 2022

What a great start to my presidential year and the tremendous support and involvement of the regional team and soroptimist members for which I thank you all.

I must also mention the kind wishes, cards and flowers I have received from Soroptimist Sisters at my recent loss of my son Adrian, it certainly helped me cope when I needed it most.

The lottery draw took place at the Conference Dinner and over 70 prizes went out far and wide and all have been claimed. A great effort by Clubs brought us a total for each area of our Region each having £720 each to donate to Charities of their choice on Mental Health. A big thank you to Wendy Thompson and Susan Hayward for managing it so well.

The conference on Climate change was a huge success enjoyed by all who attended and we learnt a lot about our environment; so much so I’m now recycling my clothes and watching how much meat I eat.  I do have the presentation slides if Clubs would like them. During the Conference 7 Clubs put up an excellent display on the Climate Change theme to enter the Barbara Dixon award which was judged amicably by three independent judges The standard was very high and a lot of thought went into them.

Following the conference, a suburb meal was served followed by Carly and Russ who entertained us and put a final close to the evening. Again I have a selection of photographs if members would like to have one. Just let me know.

Recently a new members lunch was arranged by Jenny and Penny which again provided an opportunity for new members in the Region to meet together, exchange ideas and meet the regional officers and learn about our Federation and Region.  Thank you to the officers for attending and to Anne MacDonald for her presentation Hilary Laidler for discussing the role of the Federation Counsellor and Gillie O’Rourke about PAC and presenting the new members gifts.

Using the Climate Change theme and recycling, each new member received a China cup with a bees Candle inside and had the opportunity to see the work of the two winning Clubs who entered the Barbara Dixon Award.

Our next regional meeting is to continue our quest on Climate Change and we have two very knowledgeable speakers coming to The Imperial Hotel in Llandudno. James Espley who is going to enlighten us about our Rubbish and Waste followed by Clare Nasir a Senior Meteorologist, Broadcaster and author  of 5 books who will enlighten us on the Weather and Climate Change.  Clare is sure to leave us in no doubt about how the Changing climate can impact on our lives and future planet. She spoke at Cop 26 and has a book titled ‘what does Rain smell like’. She will probably have some available to purchase.

Following on, in June we shall celebrate the Royal Jubilee on 12th June so watch out for the opportunity to book for the river Cruise and afternoon tea as numbers are limited to 80, and start to prepare your knowledge on Royal matters for the Quiz and your outfit for the best dressed Royal completion.  This is intended as a fun afternoon a change from all the hard work we Soroptimist do.

I hope you all stay well and I look forward to seeing you at the regional meeting on 21st May.

Yvonne   Regional President CNWW