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Region President Report

Regional President Report – January 2021.

Happy New Year to all Region Members.

I didn’t think that we would be starting the New Year in a worse position than we ended 2020, but don’t let us get downhearted, we will move on, just perhaps a little more slowly than anticipated.

I am grateful to the clubs who have told me what they are proud about, but haven’t heard from all clubs, if your club hasn’t replied to me could you urge them to do so please, I really want to celebrate the whole region during this year.

Thank you to the clubs who have invited me to their meetings and other events, I am delighted to join, especially as I can in the current climate, without leaving home. I love learning about what clubs are doing – and thinking of ways to tell the world about us. I am also amazed at what clubs are still managing to do in such difficult circumstances.

I have also attended a meeting with the Federation President and understand there is a SIGBI wine which will be available shortly to celebrate the !00 anniversary.

The regional meeting on 13th February will be by Zoom and will include a play about the history of the last 100 years and a talk by Dishi Attwood about the next stage of the Growth Plan, hopefully covering the theme of ‘Looking Back: Moving Forward’. As I am writing this report I have just seen the trailer for the play and I am still giggling as I think about it – it looks brilliant.

There are still tentative plans to do things during the next months, but they are on hold for the time being until we can make more definite plans.

In any event I still want us to concentrate on the things we do well, so Let’s Celebrate and carry on!

Regional President Louise