Region Benevolent Fund Report

February 2018

Trustees of the Benevolent Fund met in November at No. 63 for the Annual General Meeting. Representatives from the Regions and the Republic of Ireland presented and discussed each application in turn.

Only members of the UK and Southern Ireland contribute to the Fund and therefore they are the only ones that can apply.

Sadly, this year, there was a decrease in the number of applicants. Some regions have no applicants at all and haven’t had for a number of years. Cheshire, North Wales and Wirral have two beneficiaries.

It was felt that there is still very much a need, but that members are reluctant to make themselves known. The trustees decided that they need to be much more proactive and make an effort to visit clubs to inform members about the fund. Despite the Benevolent fund having been around for many, many years some members still know very little about the fund. If you are aware of anyone in your club who appears to be struggling financially please urge them to contact me.

So, a few reminders.

Members need to have been paid up members for 3years (no change).

Members should have an income of no more than £14,500 which may also include any benefits they have such as rent rebate, help to pay council tax, etc

Please allow me to have a slot somewhere on your agenda so that I can tell your new members and remind older members about the Benevolent Fund.

Any member who needs help can contact me directly. You don’t have to be proposed by a member of your club. Please be reassured that whatever you tell me will be in complete confidence.

Contact –

In friendship

Susan Jones