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Region Meeting November 16th 2019

Over seventy members from across the Region met today to welcome our new joint Region Presidents, say thank you to the Region Officers who are stepping down and welcome the members who are replacing them. Plenty of time was allowed for networking, browsing stalls and catching up with friends from across the Region,  we also enjoyed an early festive lunch.

Presidents Pam and Louise introduced their theme for the year ‘ Stop Exploitation Crimes Against Women and Girls. They  described their programme for Region meetings which will each have a theme and they challenged clubs to participate with them on each theme.  In February Domestic Violence,  in June Modern Day Slavery and in September Prison Reform.

Members then listened to a very interesting and at times moving report from SI South Caernarfonshire about their Amethyst Project –  this is the name of a Sexual Abuse Referral Centre (SARC) which supports victims of abuse. We then watched a film made by the young people who have used the services of Amethyst SARC. It is worth watching and can be seen via YouTube –

Programme Action Officer (PAO) Esther reported from the recent UKPAC meeting and highlighted the New SIGBI project Empowering Girls in Nepal. PAO Sian gave an update on the progress of  plastic bottle top collection in partnership with Anglesey Sea Zoo.

Our Region is in a ‘Safe pair of  (pink!) hands’ for  2019- 20