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#16Days of Activism against gender based violence

Congratulations to Region Clubs

This year our Region clubs again supported this campaign #OrangeTheWorld #16DaysOfActivism against gender based violence.

Thanks to all our #Soroptimist Region clubs who have taken part in this campaign either by taking action, holding events or posting Social Media Campaigns.
Congratulations #Soroptimists on a meaningful, poignant, innovative and interesting #16days

Congratulations South Caernarfonshire

For an excellent Social Media Campaign ‘She Only…” posted each day from 25th November, the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10th December, Human Rights Day- to mark #16DaysOfActivism, #OrangeTheWorld.

There has been much acclaim on Face book – Club, Region, Federation and world wide for this  innovative, interesting, sometimes poignant, and emotive campaign.

The Region Communications team asked the club WHY and HOW they achieved this

SI South Caernarfonshire members says: “Following our successful “orange stone campaign “ in 2021 a Programme Action  sub committee set about planning for  2022

We decided to use orange shoes based on thoughts about the impact of piles  of shoes in the holocaust and a campaign in Italy where shoes  were nailed to a wall to represent murdered women

We rapidly decided we could not waste wearable shoes

As the theme was femicide we thought of photos in situations where women are more vulnerable to  very serious domestic abuse eg going out without him to her sisters hen do

We thought the last one day 16 should be a woman driven to suicide

We took quite a lot of photos and  rapidly realised the empty shoes  had to be prominent and the photos  were more effective in black and white

Luckily we had a member’s  relative who could add the orange slogans and “colour the shoes orange”

Some scenes just did not work but eventually we settled on the 16 we used”

A Fabulous Campaign #Soroptimist South Caernarfonshire – Congratulations