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Centenary Commemorative items – Envelopes & Stamps

Commemorative Envelopes with our own Soroptimist Stamps

Celebrating Our Centenary – Own a Little Piece of Soroptimist History

The Commemorative envelope is a unique piece of history. Captured by a specially designed stamp and cancellation, it celebrates a moment in time. These envelopes and stamps are a perfect way to mark the centenary of our Soroptimist Organisation, at a price affordable for everyone. Keep as a momento or give as a present to promote our worldwide project work for women and girls. The envelopes and stamps have been developed with our images and logos and celebrate 100 years since the founding of the very first Soroptimist club in Oakland, California in 1921. These are limited editions of 500 per design, which will become collector’s items. Similar Commemorative envelopes have increased considerably in value over time.

Envelope 1 – ‘The World’

This confirms the presence of Soroptimists worldwide now and depicts ‘The Road to Equality’ campaign for gender equality. The reverse details a historical timeline of the continuing development of the organisation.

Soroptimist images from SIGBI Flickr and SIGBI golden years booklet

Envelope 2 – ‘The Hotel’

This commemorates the first Soroptimist members and their meeting place in California. The reverse records some of the worldwide projects completed in recent years.

There are inserts in both envelopes explaining the history of the Soroptimists and their involvement in worldwide events such as World War II and alliances with the United Nations and UNICEF.

The Hotel pic purchased from Alamy 2 invoice pdfs in images other pics from SI

The Stamps can be ordered in sheets of 10 (mini sheet) or sheets of 20 (full sheet)

Stamp 1 – ‘Road to Equality’     Stamp 2 – ‘The Hotel’           LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE

These can now only be ordered via the Online Shop –