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Soroptimists in Pakistan


Soroptimist International Lahore was formed in 1967 and received its Charter from Beatrice Grosvenor in March 1969 – Beatrice later became Federation President in 1971. Since its inception it has been concerned with the role of women in public and national life, and particularly with women’s education.

Sadly SI Lahore has now close

There are today 2020 three clubs working in Pakistan,  SI Karachi Chartered 2006 SI Hyderabad Chartered 8th February 2010, SI Gandhara Chartered 2015

SI Karachi chartered 31st January 2006

SI Karachi Central was chartered in 2006 by Federation President Ann Dawson. The Gen Sec of this club was chosen to represent Pakistan as the Program Action Chair.

Dr Talat Pasha attended the SI Conference in Barbados.
The next year , she was elected as the Assistant Program Director in the Federation and later became a Director Without Portfolio on the SIGBI Federation Board.


The Karachi club, meanwhile went from strength to strength, being nominated and also winning several Best Practice awards annually.


One of the great projects from 2013 – Gems diary project at the Educators Korangi ….with Talat Pasha, Perveen Rizvi, Saboha and Rushda AmjadSI


Karachi central club wanted to expand Soroptimists in Pakistan and so Dr Talat Pasha worked hard to start a new club in Hyderabad which was her hometown. When the time came to Charter the club, the Federation decided to nominate her, and so the Hyderabad club was chartered by Dr Talat Pasha.


Soon,  the Karachi club was interested in starting a new club in Islamabad too, as the old club had become non functional. So Dr Talat Pasha and Mrs Mussarat Shaikh from Islamabad worked together to start the SI Gandhara club in Islamabad. This club too was chartered by Dr Talat Pasha.
All three clubs are active and do very good work for the community.
They also interact with each other on a regular basis and visiting one another is quite frequent too.


March 2014

To celebrate international women ‘s day our members wore green / took scarfs and lighted a candles

In February 2016 – Members of SI Karachi Central club visited Alzohra welfare Academy. On behalf of the club, President Batul Hasan and Treasurer Parveen Rizvi presented a cheque for purchase of textbooks for their Book bank. The organizers were very appreciative of club’s interest and contribution.

To celebrate international women ‘s day our members wore green / took scarfs and lighted a candle


SI Hyderabad 

SI Hyderabad Chartered 8th February 2010. Dr Talat Pasha worked hard to start a new club in Hyderabad which was her hometown. When the time came to Charter the club, the Federation SIGBI decided to nominate her, and so the Hyderabad club was chartered by Dr Talat Pasha.

Members of SI Hyderabad and SI Karachi Central at an event together. 



SI Gandhara chartered 6th January 2015

In May 2016

Soroptimist international of Gandhara organised an evening with inspirational women on Sunday 1st May. It was a beautiful evening filled with stories of women who lived unconventional lives in a very conventional set up. Women who had the courage to single handedly overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. The evening was peppered with laughter and tears.
Highlights of the evening
Introduction ceremony which is the hall Mark of Soroptimist international of Gandhara where women introduce themselves as who they are their dreams aspirations their lives work. No one is Mrs. this or daughter of…, they are their own pure unadulterated self.
There were two agenda items.
Vocational training center for girls of the slum area of Gulraiz Rawalpindi and starting a feminist talk circle.
Funds were raised for the center through active donations and it was decided that the we the women will reclaim the public space by holding talks in open public places. Road side Restaurants dhabas, universities cafeterias, public parks and by penetrating public forums and sittings. 

In July 2019

Soroptimist international of Gandhara arranged a musical evening to raise funds for Umer kot school for marginalised children an initiative of a very brave woman Aso Bai.
The funds were required for building bathrooms for the girls. We managed to raise a good amount of money but more donation are required to complete this task.
It was a beautiful cool evening in this very hot weather. Members, families and friends of soroptimist international of Gandhara supported this cause with their generous donation. In the end Dr. Shamim Zaidi president SI Gandhara thanked the audience for their active participation.

For more information about wonderful Projects and great photos from SI Gandhara 

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