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Soroptimists in Nepal


There is one club in Nepal – SI Kathmandu chartered 21st july 2012

SI Kathmandu celebrated their 7th Anniversary this year 2019. They have been through good times and difficult times.

Throughout all times, their programme of action and project work has been amazing. They have responded quickly to many devastating disasters, and to educational and empowering needs of women and girls.

The Earthquake in April 2015

President of SI Kathmandu wrote “Nepal is facing a huge natural disaster with thousands loss of lives, property and cultural heritages. The club responded to imminent needs, and two Soroptimist teams went to Panchkhal, Kavre district and Sindhupalchowk district to distribute tents, mats and food on 1st May 2015”

The club also organized two days programme for 23 children and their parents who needed counselling after this terrible disaster – The counselling was given by certified counselors and club members Kabita Thapaliya and Uma Devi Badal. The counselling included art therapy, preliminary pyscho-social counselling (emotional adjustment) and meditation for children including their parents in Kathmandu. A member wrote It was great seeing smiles in the faces of children after the programme removing the terror that they had in their hearts regarding the earthquake”.

Severe Floods in August 2017

Disaster strikes again with severe flooding in August 2017 and Soroptimist Kathmandu, support the flood affected people!! am members says “Nepal is in a moment of crisis: Because of the heavy rain since 3 days more than 18 districts of tarai regions of Nepal is Plunge with floods. People are losing their lives. Most of the people in affected areas are without food since yesterday. We will take urgent action to support them”


The Good Times

In September 2016 the club distributed educational materials for 807 students in different schools, and on 4th June 2017

Training Courses

The  club started a tailoring training course for the rural, poor and marginalised women . The programme ran for a year with 32 participants

Throughout these good time SI Kathmandu have continued to work with women and children, working in schools, raising awareness of Violence against women, and empowering women and girls.

You will find Soroptimist Kathmandu Nepal on their very active Facebook page 

Link in to their website click here