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#PlantTrees Information Sheets

Plant trees

Support, advice, resources, information and expertise will be provided for projects big and small, on varied topics, and Information Sheets updated regularly:

  • Ideas and Resources for SIGBI countries – Find organisations to contact for help and ideas. Find events and projects to join – Information Sheet 1
  • Funding for Tree Planting – information on how and where to apply for funding if you have access to land and permission to plant – Information Sheet 2
  • Where to get Free Trees – how to apply for free trees and how to find a local free tree planting scheme – Information Sheet 3
  • What Trees to plant – information on native species, tree planting techniques, where and when to plant for best results – Information Sheet 4
  • SIGBI resources and materials  – SIGBI event materials, templates and commemorative plaques etc – Information Sheet 5.
  • Ecosia designated SIGBI site  Ecosia Information Download