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#PlantTrees with Ecosia designated SIGBI Link

#Plant Trees for a Brilliant Future

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Please support this fabulous Campaign

Swtch your search engine to not for profit ECOSIA site today.

Designated SIGBI Link

A unique link has been created to download Ecosia – this will enable SIGBI to track the trees planted by our members. is now live! Anyone that downloads Ecosia through this link will start to contribute to SIGBI tree count.

Results of Switching to Ecosia for Soroptimists so far:

See what impact Soroptimists across the Federation are making already 


Don’t delay – Switch to Ecosia NOW

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a not for profit search engine site that has planted over 100 million trees – watch this super video from Ecosia click here

Read how you can contribute to tree planting from the comfort of your own home, by switching to Ecosia as your search engine Ecosia Information Sheet Download
Make Ecosia your new search engine and plant trees with your searches – for free

Switch your search engine to Ecosia and start to plant trees today.

If you have Ecosia downloaded as your Search Engine and want to change to SIGBI designated link:

Ecosia APP on your mobile? – you will need to delete it and then download again using the SIGBI linkt 

If you have downloaded Ecosia on your laptop or home computer then you can do the following

  • open up your browser e.g. Chrome, Safari etc.
  • Use the toolbar at the top of your browser to go to Preferences or Settings
  • From Preferences or Settings select Extensions

When the page opens you should see a list of the Extensions you are using including Ecosia and will be given the option to remove or delete

If you select the Ecosia extension and choose delete or remove (and save if given this option) then the ecosia download will be removed.

Once you have deleted the extension you can then use the SIGBI link  to download Ecosia

At the start of each month SIGBI will receive a report to let us know the number of searches (and trees!) planted by our organization.