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#PlantTrees Resources

SIGBI Resources and Materials for #PlantTrees Campaign

SIGBI Event Materials, Templates and Commemorative Plaques

Certificate Template
– to be used by clubs if they want to mark their tree planting event by presenting a certificate. This can be edited to give the details of your event and then sent electronically or printed- Certificate-Template to amend and download -pptx  

Marking your #PlantTrees Project with a Commemorative Plaque and Stake

Most councils will have a policy for plaques and may have a required format and recommended supplier, so please check if you are thinking of marking your planting with a commemorative plaque.  
You may already have a local supplier you are happy with but if not The Engraving Workshop, which has been used in the past by a SIGBI club has two options to offer. 
Please contact Amanda 07565 975081 / and use REF – Soroptimist Centennial plaque, to discuss your requirements.
BRASS affect 8 x 6 inch with stake
£127.68 incl. VAT – delivery £10
ALUMINIUM affect 8 x 6 inch with stake
£140.88 incl. VAT – delivery £10
 See examples – Examples of Tree Plaques
The quote is based on the following text which can be tweaked to suite your event – Text and logo for Tree Plaque